Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Border Security: Ground Truth and Solutions

Interested in border security follow the links in the story below:
After watching the security situation on our southern border deteriorate to the point where the United States was now under the direct threat of the narco-insurgency destroying Mexico, I decided to put together an organization called SAFE (Secure America Forever) to help counter the threat.

As part of SAFE’s Information Division I began posting about the border here on Big Peace and Big Government. The first piece was called “American Rancher X, Part 1 & Part 2“.

Also as part of SAFE’s Information Division, we at SAFE decided to launch a documentary series called “SAFE On The Border”. Below is the first episode, “Cartel Sniper/Observation Posts On The U.S. Side Of The Border”.

Check out SAFE's website here:

Click here to go to Big Peace and watch it.

Series is also available for viewing on the SAFE website’s video page.

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