Thursday, May 27, 2010

Obama Jedi Mind Tricks

This has been working well...

...though now that he's on vacation while the largest ever US oil spill is underway, even the fellow Sith seem to not be falling for it.

Pakistani national found guilty of conspiring to back Taliban

Say it isn't so. A Pakistani national backing the Taliban...never. The most important thing is that it has nothing to do with his religion and that Islam is a religion of peace, and these are not the droids you're looking for.

HOUSTON (AP) — A Pakistani college student living in Texas was convicted Thursday of conspiring to help the Taliban and fight U.S. troops.
A federal jury convicted Adnan Babar Mirza, 33, of two conspiracy counts and seven firearms violations after a three-day trial in Houston. He faces up to five years in prison on each conspiracy count and 10 years on the weapons counts when he is sentenced on Sept. 10.

Mirza, who remains in federal custody, was one of four men arrested in 2006 for alleged participation in paramilitary training exercises at campsites around the Houston area so they could engage in a holy war.

Mirza's attorney, David Adler, told jurors Mirza went on camping trips but denied they involved paramilitary training exercises.

Prosecutor Jim McAlister told jurors that the activities of Mirza and the other three men came to authorities' attention after another of their friends, James Coates, decided "things were getting out of hand" and became an FBI informant.

Mirza claimed Coates was the one who was militant and promoted violence.

An undercover officer taped conversations with Mirza and the other men in which they allegedly talked about ambushing U.S. soldiers and triggering a bomb with a cell phone, according to court documents.

FBI Special Agent John McKinley, the prosecution's first witness, told jurors Mirza can be heard on the taped conversations talking about sending money to support Taliban families. Prosecutors have said Mirza collected about $900 for Taliban fighters and their families.

But Adler said it's not against the law to send money to the families of Taliban fighters and Mirza collected money for hospitals and other groups but not specifically for the Taliban.

He also said Mirza can be heard in these taped conversations expressing anger about injustices Muslims around the world have experienced, but his client was just expressing emotion and didn't intend to act on it.

Prosecutors also said Mirza, who was attending Houston Community College, was in the country illegally because he violated his student visa by working.

Adler denied his client violated his student visa by working.

The three other men who were arrested have pleaded guilty or been convicted.

Kobie Diallo Williams, a U.S. citizen, was sentenced in August to 4½ years in prison for conspiring to join the Taliban and fight against U.S. forces.

Syed Maaz Shah, a former Pakistani engineering student at the University of Texas at Dallas, was sentenced in 2007 to 6½ years in prison on federal firearms charges. Shiraz Syed Qazi, also a Pakistani student and Mirza's cousin, received a 10-month prison sentence in 2007 on a firearms charge.

Big Khat Bust in Fairfax Wahhabi Corridor

Welcome to the Wahhabi Corridor, home to Dar al Hijrah and Build America and overflowing with Islamists. This is not what was meant by your tired, your hungry, your poor.

Police Seize Record Catch of Khat

Mason Police District – A police officer on patrol observed what appeared to be a drug transaction in a parking lot at 5981 Columbia Pike in the Falls Church area, around 6:10 p.m. on Saturday May 15. The officer stopped two men and conducted an investigation which revealed that one suspect was allegedly purchasing khat from the other. Both men were arrested and approximately 21 pounds of khat was seized. A subsequent search of one suspect’s house led to the seizure of an additional 111 pounds of khat.

This is believed to be the largest seizure of khat in Fairfax County history. Khat is an amphetamine and a Schedule I drug. It is a flowering evergreen shrub native to East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Typically, it is chewed like tobacco, though it can be smoked and sprinkled on food.

Ahmed Omer Abdujelel, 45, of 2846 Annandale Road #121 was charged with distribution of a Schedule I drug and distribution near certain properties (recreation center).

Ali Abdi Hersi, 47, of 30 Channing Street, NW, in Washington DC was charged with possession of a Schedule I drug.

Happy Belated Draw Mohammed Day

Build me a church, a synagogue, a giant Buddha, and statue of Vishnu next door to Mecca, and then I'll think about taking this down in the name of interfaith dialogue. Until then, adherent Muslims can continue to declare that they will kill us until we like them.

Fairfax Muslim Threatened South Park

I would love, love to see, a discussion of jihad between John Brennan and Fairfax County's good jihadi son, Zachary Adam Chesser/Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee.

Al-Amrikee, a former George Mason Univeristy student, is the good muslim who threatened South Park over the Mohammad (may he burn in hell) episode, or as he claims, did not threaten but rather announce a universal truth that they should die:

“This stance [advocating death for those who insult Muhammad in keeping with several Islamic rulings throughout history] is virtually obligatory,” the statement says in part. “But it does not mean that our taking this stance is in some way an absolute call toward the requirement that the creators of South Park must be killed, nor a deliberate attempt at incitement; it is only to declare the truth regardless of consequence and to offer an awareness in the mind of Westerners when they consider doing the same thing.”

He did attend GMU, until he met another muslim student (presumably female), and dropped out to marry and successfully procreate. Mr. and Mrs. Jihadi and their baby jihadi have put down roots as the peaceful quite Jihadi nuclear family next door that is polite to their infidel neighbors they wouldn't hesitate to kill.
But fear not, his religon has nothing to do with his motives, and Islam is a religion of peace. Brennan, drink our cool-aid, not theirs.

But don't fear Dhimmi Fairfax, though he no longer lives at his mother's Centerville home, we've not lost him, he still lives in another Fairfax town. Look for him at an interfaith meeting near you.

Interesting, if not confusing, is the back and forth between overt Islamist and flaming Islamist. CAIR claimed the Revolution Muslim South Park threats were a set-up, to which Al-Amrikee had this to say:

In response to statements by the Council on American-Islamic Relations implying that Revolution Islam was too outrageous to be real and could be a setup to smear Islam, Al-Amrikee said, “CAIR is an organization which frequently abandons Islamic principles in favor of pleasing American politicians. This is how many if not most Muslims view them. We e-mailed them our press release so that they could respond, but they have yet to do this. They do not return to the religious proofs for what they say, but they issue statements from emotions.”

“CAIR should worry more about the millions of Muslims whose blood has been shed by America over the past 20 years than appeasing a society that only cares about its own citizens,” Al-Amrikee said.

This just in, we're f'd.

The President's top counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, announces that Jihadis are fighting us, and we will continue not to fight them. Might as well announce we're at war with the Boogey Man and the monster under my bed.

Here is how you know that a lot more infidels and apostates are going to die:

"Nor do we describe our enemy as 'jihadists' or 'Islamists' because jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one's community, and there is nothing holy or legitimate or Islamic about murdering innocent men, women and children," Brennan said.

Well the only problem with his statment is, well everything, someone has been reading more Tarriq Ramadan than his Koran, the Hadiths, or say the Pakistani military's definitive treatise on jihad, "The Quaranic Concept of War." Its here on Amazaon, but then again, I suppose you don't find what you don't look for. Which is really the point, we're not looking at all. Even worse, Brennan is reading their propoganda.

But maybe its just the administration, surely others can't be so foolish, say like approving a mega-mosque at the WTC.