Monday, December 15, 2008

Declaration of Dependence

This outspoken gentlemen is new to me. Articulate and dynamic speaker on conservative republicans.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

RFDAH Late Show Recap

For as much as I fear running out of material, and I do, another hour flew by.

The show in short:
Mumbai Update: RFDAH theory, the captured Jihadi had been prepared for the possibility of capture and interrogation, and the "masterminds arrested" were patsies. The names given up by the arrested attacker were planned fallguys. Either the LET arrested in Paki raids knew in advance and had deals worked out with ISI for house arrest etc., or were being double crossed. Either way, I highly doubt that a team that planned such a successful attack would be so careless as to allow for the real masterminds to be caught so easily.

Dawa Doll:
Aqsa Parvez: Canadian honor killing victim has unnamed grave. Donate for a tombstone to mark her existence and importance as a human trying to live free.

Holy Land Foundation Trial/Boim Case
: Score 1 for the good guys. Judge rules giving to soft jihad same as hard jihad and Shariah compliant=terrorist compliant.

CAIR Served

Lawsuit explained

Key point: CAIR's charter with DC had lapsed during this same fundraiser, so technically, the hundreds of thousands they raised is illegal and should be given back.

George Mason Takes It from IIIT. See previous post on my site.

Lots more to come. Hope to have a show back to its regular schedule in the New Year.

Now, get out there and fight.

Friday, December 5, 2008

George Mason Takes It from Islamists IIIT


November 12, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - - On November 3, 2008 George Mason University [GMU] announced an agreement to accept an offer of $1.5 million made by a Saudi tied, Islamist organization called the International Institute for Islamic Thought [IIIT], to endow a chair in Islamic Studies. [source,]

The decision by GMU to accept IIIT's funding places it well within a now established tradition of American universities bending to the will of Islamists in order to grab whatever cash is being dangled in front of them.

Whether the decision makers at GMU were aware of IIIT's long association with groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and self-confessed terrorist Sami Al Arian, is really ancillary to the question, because whatever the decision making process, entering into a relationship with this group is not justifiable. If the university's officials were ignorant of IIIT's reputation as a radical Muslim organization, GMU's failure to adequately vet their prospective partner demonstrates a rejection of the most basic business practices at best. If however they were aware of IIIT's reputation and still went ahead in accepting the grant the entire matter becomes even more difficult to defend.

The IIIT is part of an Islamist mini-empire based in Herndon Virginia. According to FBI documents IIIT has taken a lead role in establishing a plan to Islamize the United States. That plan was drawn up by the Egyptian terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, also known as the Ikhwan. The group has been the subject of surveillance for over 20 years.

In the declassified FBI document [originally marked SECRET] excerpted below, first made available by Steven Emerson's Investigative Project, the IIIT is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood's blueprint to destroy America from within, "to institute an Islamic Revolution in the United States."

"...This is an example of the ongoing intrigue and evaluation that the IIIT leadership of the various subsidiary Muslim organizations they control [redacted] advised that they constantly direct and fund the individuals who compile reports utilized by the IIIT leadership to determine the amount of financial support or their political support for the leadership of various Muslim organizations or mosques located in the United States...advised that in addition to the internal political structure and organization of NAIT..." [North American Islamic Trust, an Islamic waqf, which is being used to place many U.S. mosques in a holding company type arrangement] " controlled by the IIIT leadership that as members of the Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] they are involved in organizing external political support which involves influencing both public opinion in the United States as well as the United States Government. [redacted] has, based on comments and statements by the current leadership of the IIIT, determined that they are implementing Phase I of the overall six phase Ikhwan plan to institute the Islamic Revolution in the United States [redacted] has advised that the Ikhwan is a secret Muslim organization that has unlimited funds and is extremely well organized in the United States to the point where it has set up political action front groups with no traceable ties to the IIIT or its various Muslim groups. They also have claimed success in infiltrating the United States Government with sympathetic or compromised individuals...In phase I of the Islamic Revolution as followed by the Ikhwan, the IIIT leadership has indicated that in this phase their organization needs to peacefully get inside the United States Government and also American Universities...the ultimate goal of the Islamic Revolution is the overthrow of all non-Islamic Government and that violence is a tool...Muslims in the United States have to be prepared for Martyrdom..." [source,]

As the IIIT's website makes clear, its Vice President Jamal Barzinji was at George Mason for the signing of the agreement, but who is Barzinji?

Barzinji is an Islamist and according to terror researcher Kenneth Timmerman, he has close ties with a host of radical Muslim organizations, including some who have been in turn linked to al-Qaeda:

"...Jamal Barzinji, an Iraqi who heads a network of investment companies and nonprofit groups that have been targeted by the Greenquest task force investigating terrorist-related fund raising. Barzinji's Marjac group of investment companies and the various charities he heads share office space, accountants and interlocking boards. They sometimes are referred to by federal prosecutors as "555 Grove Street," an address they used in suburban Herndon, Va. Money financing the 555 Grove Street network has been traced back to big-name Saudi investors.
Organizations operating out of Barzinji's offices included the International Islamic Relief Organization, the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), and al-Haramain, all of which have been blacklisted by the U.S. Treasury Department because of their ties to al-Qaeda. Until the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, the head of the WAMY office in Herndon was Abdullah bin Laden, younger brother of the Saudi terrorist who heads al-Qaeda. All of these groups were raided and their files seized by the Greenquest task force on March 20, 2002...previously sealed affidavit that lays out the government's motives for the massive raid alleges that Barzinji and his Safa Group companies were "suspected of providing material support to terrorists, money laundering, and tax evasion through the use of a variety of for-profit companies and ostensible charitable entities under their control, most of which are located at 555 Grove Street, Herndon, Virginia."[source, Kenneth Timmerman, US Muslim Power Broker's Ties To Terror Suspects",]

As referenced in previous articles [for example, CAIR, The Muslim Brotherhood And The Khalil Gibran International Academy, The "Civilization-Jihadist Process" Is Well Underway ] this plan by the Muslim Brotherhood [called "The Project] to infiltrate and subvert from within, became a key piece of evidence [government exhibit GX3-85, a .pdf of which is accessible HERE, ] submitted in the prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation [HLF] the United States' most significant terror funding trial.

The 32 page document was seized during a 1991 raid on the Virginia residence of one of the HLF prosecution's unindicted co-conspirators. Half in Arabic, half in English, it outlines the audacious scope of the undertaking, whereby the Brotherhood hopes to work with similarly motivated Muslims to infiltrate and scuttle Western civilization - "sabotaging its miserable house from within" - with the goal of placing it under the yoke of a global Islamic theocracy, the caliphate.

They call the means whereby this might come about a, "Civilization-Jihadist Process," directly mirroring the strategy for Islamic Revolution outlined in the above referenced FBI document.

Of note, at the conclusion of this draft, there's a list of organizations which the Ikhwan is counting on as "friends" to help it overthrow the secular governments of the West and establish Shari'a compliant states. That list includes numerous American Muslim organizations including the International Institute for Islamic Thought.

Had George Mason U been less in a frenzy to accept the radical Muslim cash without question, it could have become aware of the Islamist MO in such matters, pumping money into U.S. universities, hoping to gain influence and prestige there. A study commissioned by the U.S. Dept of Education, first referred to in depth publicly by National Review's excellent investigative reporter Stanley Kurtz [see,] makes the phenomenon of academia's susceptibility to checkbook Islamism, apparent.

Recognition of this fact is what last year prompted, to their credit, Temple University to refuse to accept IIIT's similar grant offer.

George Mason University's decision in this controversy smacks of self-serving expediency trumping any reasonable oversight. The least damaging explanations are either simple malfeasance or more darkly, not wanting to know the truth. In that vein perhaps the "vetting" might have been deliberately contructed to establish a basis for plausible deniability if the deal turns sour. Regardless, this matter should serve as a warning of just how far this component of the stealth jihad has progressed and how difficult it will be to stop, given the apparent unlimited appetite of organizations which are willing to toss reason and moral judgment under the bus in pursuit of a tainted bottom line.

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IIIT in Action

IIIT in Action

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Show Update

Big show this Saturday. Time 2-3 p.m.
Grab some eggnog and cozy up to these sugar plum fairies:
Inside the Mumbai. Report from the Counterterrorismblog panel discussion in DC.
The Mattel Dawa Doll (
CAIR Banquet and Legal Troubles
Holy Land Foundation Victory
SCOTUS vs. POTUS-elect: Show me the birth certificate...maybe.

If there's anytime left, will discuss use of US soft power vs. hard power, and some changes that may come in the coming administration.

Extra bonus, if we get to discuss the Pentagon's civil brigades vs Obama's proposed national a gun or two for everyone you know, nothing helps you settle in for a long winters nap like the blanket of security a .45 provides.