Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dar al Hijrah Hosts Bucks For Bombers

Come on down to Dar al Hijrah, the past, present, and future home of terrorists and terrorist sympathizers, and donate tonight for...surprise, a convicted terrorist.

Radio Free Dar al Harb says: “Dar al Hijrah can no longer claim guilt by association when they celebrate their association with the guilty.”

No better way to show their commitment to convicted Islamist terrorist Sabri Benkahla, by having an Islamist famous for defending the Sharia practice of wife beating and connected the convicted Holy Land Foundation. It appears Dar al Hijrah's past Imam is too busy with the Jihad overseas to be the keynote speaker. Fortunately, tonight's speaker, Dr. Jamal Badawi can rally the Ikwan to support another of Dar al Hijrah's esteemed convicted terrorists.

More later, got to cover this wondrous event.