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Excerpt: The Crescent Battlefield

An excerpt of something I'm working on.


Since its inception 1400 years ago, Islam has waged a war for global domination that has left over 250 million dead, an amount equivalent to the entire American population during the 1990s. No major reformations have occurred within Islam to remove the divinely sanctioned obligations to subjugate the entirety of the non-muslim world. A thorough examination of the Islam’s source documents, historical legacy, and the seminal works of modern Islamic scholars reveals that the religion has no other principal objective than to follow Mohammed’s blood stained path to a jihad fulfilled. However, without a standing army capable of a physical global conquest, modern Islam wages its war via alternate means. They have examined their enemies’ weaknesses, shaped the battlefield accordingly, and enjoyed sustained campaign success. Their success is predominately owed to their prey’s fundamental failure to recognize that a war is even being fought. Modern Islam excels in the adroit implementation of Mohammed’s maxim, “war is deceit.”

The Crescent Battlefield
Defining how Islam has shaped the battlefield in its favor and therefore the areas that must be directly countered.

• First War of the Information Age
• Out-using the everything the U.S. invented and/or perfected
o The Internet
o TV
o Film
• Useful Idiots
• Exploiting Multi-culturalism
• Over-coming the “angry white man”

• Political
• Policy
• Security
o Law Enforcement
o Defense

Judicial Jihad
• Lawfare
o Intimidating John Doe
o Intimidating the Government
o Intimidating Businesses
• Legislative
o Trying to Stack the Deck

Financial Jihad
• Sharia Financing
o About
o Strings Attached
o Spiritual Cleansing-Charities of Doom
 Financing Spread of Hate
 Financing Terror Support Structure
• Martyr Family Reward
• Hospitals for mujahdeen
• R&R for mujahdeen
• Economic Manipulation

Educational Jihad
• Continuing Indoctrination
• Corroding to Confuse

Demographics: The Womb as A Weapon
• For Exploitation of Democracy
• Stairway to Heaven
• As a Bomb Factory

• For Intimidation
• For Blood Debts
• As a Recruiting Tool
• As a Liability

• Everyone is a combatant
• The war is everywhere yet hidden in plain sight
• Current military strategies cannot abate the threat
• Enemy has excellent morale, funding, staffing, momentum, and surprise
• Terrorist must consider use of nuclear weapons will trigger Western reaction that could result in unrecoverable losses for Dar al Islam, though this may not deter their use

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Curious Case of Dr. Abbasi

Not the first doctor to be arrested in FXCO
Not the first muslim to be arrested in FXCO
So who is this guy that he gets special attention-immigration documents, mysterious adviser during court, trips to pakistan...something smells

Are Muslim Defendants Getting Special Treatment in Court?

July 16, 2008 - by Patrick Poole

An otherwise unremarkable hearing in the Fairfax County, Virginia, general district court last Thursday marked an ominous trend with respect to the cherished American judicial principles of the rule of law and equality before the law. The hearing on four misdemeanor charges against [1] Dr. Mustafa Ahmed Abbasi featured all of the usual players — judge, bailiff, clerks, prosecutors, police officers, criminal attorneys, and defendant — but with one notable addition to the judicial drama, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

CAIR’s intervention in the Abbasi case is a manifestation of a larger campaign against law enforcement to use political alliances and legal threats to intimidate police in cases involving Muslim defendants and to establish separate and preferable treatment for Muslims in the American legal system.

The circumstances concerning the charges against Dr. Abbasi are as unremarkable as last Thursday’s hearing. On February 9, Abassi committed an improper turn which prompted a traffic stop by Fairfax County police. After consent for a search of the vehicle was given, police discovered loose pills, needles, and prescriptions written to other individuals in the trunk of the car, violations of Virginia law. Dr. Abbasi admitted that he treated members of his mosque out of his vehicle, also a violation of Virginia medical rules (it should be noted that he is also a U.S. Customs and Immigration Service-[2] approved immigration doctor). Abbasi received a summons for unlawfully prescribing drugs and three others for possession of controlled substances, and was allowed to leave the scene on his own recognizance.

More than two months later, a letter was sent from CAIR national legal counsel Nadhira Al-Khalili to Colonel David Rohrer, chief of the Fairfax County Police Department, claiming that the traffic stop was made on the basis of profiling and that Dr. Abassi’s consent to the vehicle search was never given. She also claimed that Abbasi’s arrest was part of a pattern of “religious discrimination” by the department.

The CAIR letter made a series of demands, including an internal affairs investigation of the incident, a reprimand for the officer who made the stop, a written apology for Dr. Abbasi, a dash-cam video of the traffic stop, audio of the related police radio transmissions, and the institution of CAIR’s workplace sensitivity and diversity training for the entire Fairfax County Police.

An important fact to note is that CAIR’s narrative was derived entirely from Dr. Abbasi’s own self-serving account. Al-Khalili’s letter admitted that they had not even attempted to review any factual evidence that might exist in the case (dash-cam video and police radio transmissions), which could have been easily obtained through an open records request before making their accusations of religious discrimination. Before then, she had not asked for any evidence. It seems that CAIR’s demands were clearly aimed at having their “diversity” training instituted by the police department, as there was no indication that Al-Khalili was acting as counsel for Abbasi (she did not appear at last week’s hearing), but was rather acting in CAIR’s own organizational interests.

CAIR’s hysterical claims in this case — Al-Khalili’s letter raises the specter of “the Fairfax County Police Department’s repeated and relentless attacks on American Muslims” — are belied when reviewing the special relationship between CAIR and Fairfax County officials, including the chief of police, Col. David Rohrer, and the County Board of Supervisors chairman, Gerry Connelly.

In fact, Col. Rohrer was a [3] featured speaker at the November 2006 CAIR national [4] annual fundraising dinner, which raised more than $600,000 for the [5] terror-linked group. Col. Rohrer delivered a [6] message professing tolerance and understanding for CAIR’s mission:

As we go forward, let us choose to make a difference and embrace a vision of peace and unity and hope. And let us choose for us and our children hope over fear, caring over indifference, tolerance over intolerance, acceptance over prejudice, and understanding over ignorance.

Rohrer also praised CAIR for “helping police departments to better understand the Muslim community,” though as was [7] reported last year by the Washington Times, CAIR’s membership in 2006 had plummeted to fewer than 1,700 members nationwide and thus is hardly representative of the Muslim community; nor can it remotely claim to speak on its behalf.

Additionally, Rohrer and Fairfax County Supervisor Connelly organized and attended a “community forum” on January 25, 2005, in response to CAIR’s concerns about police enforcement of immigration laws. According to a CAIR press release, Connelly assured attendees that “Fairfax County police officers are not an arm of federal immigration enforcement agencies.” Col. Rohrer had ensured that representatives from the Fairfax Police Internal Affairs Division were present at the CAIR “forum.” Two months later on March 29, CAIR conducted “diversity and sensitivity” training for the staff of the Fairfax County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court.

But the close relationship between Fairfax County and CAIR has been in the news more recently after Fairfax County Police Sergeant Weiss Rasool [8] pled guilty in April to illegally accessing a federal law enforcement database to run three license plates for a member of his mosque who believed he was under surveillance, tipping him off to an FBI investigation. According to the [9] Washington Post, when FBI agents showed up the following morning at his friend’s residence, the surveillance subject and his family were already in the process of shredding evidence. Rasool denied he had tipped off his friend until federal prosecutors played a wiretap recording of the message he had left with his friend and that had been obtained through a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Rasool also repeatedly checked his own name and those of other friends through the National Crime Information Center system and the Terrorist Watch List.

CAIR governmental affairs director Corey Saylor sent a letter to the sentencing judge in the case praising Rasool’s eagerness “to promote a substantive relationship between the Fairfax County Police Department and the local Muslim community.” Despite his admission and guilty plea, Sgt. Rasool is still a member of the Fairfax County Police Department.

But as Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project [10] reported following his guilty plea, Sgt. Rasool and several other Muslim members of the Fairfax County Police Department had already been instrumental in scuttling a counterterrorism program at the county’s Criminal Justice Academy conducted by the Higgins Center for Counterterrorism Research. The Higgins course is designed to help counter infiltrating threats — skills apparently sorely needed by Fairfax County officials. One of Rasool’s comrades complaining about the Higgins course represented himself as speaking on CAIR’s behalf.

CAIR’s cozy relationship with Fairfax County officials was also seen in the recent [11] revelation that CAIR co-founder and executive director Nihad Awad had recently donated to Fairfax Supervisor Gerry Connelly’s current campaign for Congress. Awad had used an alias, Nehad Hammad, in making the campaign contribution.

Contrast this longstanding association and cooperation between CAIR and the highest levels of Fairfax County government and police, including appearances at CAIR fundraisers, with the hysterics of the CAIR demand letter sent by Nadhira Al-Khalili in the Abbasi case:

We have noticed what may be a pattern and practice of the Fairfax County Police Department to discriminate against persons of the Islamic faith. We are bringing this issue to the attention of the United States Department of Justice and are requesting a full investigation of the Fairfax County Police Department’s repeated and relentless attacks on American Muslims.

The record clearly shows that Fairfax County officials have been overly accommodating to CAIR, especially considering the group’s longstanding ties to international terrorist organizations. In fact, the Department of Justice in December [12] concluded in a federal appeals court brief that “CAIR conspired with other affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists.” This raises the question of why anyone affiliated with Fairfax County government or police should have any association with CAIR at all except in criminal investigations looking into the group’s activities.

Last week, Dr. Abbasi pled no contest to one of the drug possession charges rather than face multiple convictions on the others dealing with possession and unlawfully prescribing drugs, effectively undercutting CAIR’s narrative of events. The plea deal emerged after the judge expressed skepticism at the claims of racial profiling, religious discrimination, and failure to obtain consent for the vehicle search after hearing and reviewing all of the evidence and testimony in the matter — something CAIR admits it never bothered to do before making its accusations against the officers involved and making its demands for internal affairs and DOJ investigations. What we see at work in the case of Dr. Mustafa Abbasi is part of a concerted effort by CAIR to threaten and intimidate police departments in cases involving Muslims across the country to advance its cultural jihadist agenda.

As a regular consultant to police agencies on counterterrorism issues, I can attest to the immense pressure that police and other first responders are constantly under without having to deal with bogus claims of religious discrimination and self-serving demands to institute CAIR’s own “diversity and sensitivity” training programs. If the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division wishes to look into these matters, as CAIR has demanded in Abbasi’s case, perhaps it should begin by examining the hostile work environment for police officers created by CAIR’s constant, yet continually baseless, grievance-mongering.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Atlanta Honor Killing

Not the first time this has happened. Sadly, there will be far more of these to come. I've said once, I'll say it a thousand times, murder is not a religious freedom. Murder is not a cultural sensitivity. Oh...and where is the outrage, the protests, the fatwas, from the area Paki and Muslim community?

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — A Pakistani man accused of killing his daughter because she wanted out of an arranged marriage told a judge Tuesday that he had done nothing wrong.

Chaudhry Rashid, 54, later said he was “very disturbed” and “not in a state of mind” to talk because of the death of his daughter, Sandeela Kanwal.

A somber and tearful Rashid made his first court appearance Tuesday. He was advised through an Urdu interpreter of the murder charge and his legal rights.

A judge also admonished Rashid, of Jonesboro, Georgia, to not make any statements without clearing them with his attorney.

“My client is going through a difficult time. As you can imagine, he is distraught,” attorney Tammi Long said after the hearing.

When asked about Rashid’s comments in court, Long said her next move was to speak with him in depth.

“We will work diligently to provide the best defense for our client against these charges,” she said.

She requested that Rashid’s family be given privacy, but said Rashid is holding up as well as can be expected.

Court records indicate that a preliminary hearing in the case has been scheduled for July 24.

Officers found Kanwal dead in an upstairs bedroom of the family’s suburban Atlanta home early Sunday, according to a Clayton County police report.

Police discovered possible ligature marks on her body and made note of an iron and a necklace as potential causes of the bruising.

Authorities arrived at the home around 2 a.m., shortly after Rashid’s wife called police.

She reported that she had been awakened by screaming but couldn’t understand the language, the report said. She said she was afraid and left the house to call police.

Rashid’s wife told authorities that Kanwal recently had wed in Pakistan in an arranged marriage. The young woman’s husband was living in Chicago, Illinois, police said, but Kanwal remained at her father’s home and worked at a metro Atlanta Wal-Mart for a brief time.

“The victim was not interested in marrying, nor remaining married to her husband,” the police report said, citing information authorities received from Rashid’s wife. “This was causing a great deal of friction between the victim and her father,” so much so that the two had not spoken in two months, the report said.

Police found a “distraught and possibly mournful” Rashid sitting behind a vehicle in the driveway.

“My daughter is dead,” he told police.

When asked how she died, police said Rashid did not answer.

“He just dropped his head,” the report states.

“Apparently she and the father had argued over the marriage and the fact that it was arranged, and at some point during the altercation he did end up killing his daughter,” said Clayton County Police spokesman Tim Owens.

Neighbor Veronda Luckett said the family had always been “relatively quiet.”

“They seemed to be decent, lovely people,” she said.

“Honor killings” — the slaying by family members of a woman or girl thought to be bringing them shame — are usually kept quiet, making it difficult to determine how frequently they occur.

The United Nations Population Fund estimated in September 2000 that as many as 5,000 women and girls fall victim to such killings each year.

Ajay Nair, associate dean of multicultural affairs at Columbia University, said many immigrant families struggle over cultural and generational gaps, but that most South Asian communities enjoy “wonderful” relationships within their families.

“My immediate reaction was that this is an anomaly in the South Asian community,” Nair said Tuesday. “This isn’t a rampant problem within South Asian communities. What is a problem, I think, is domestic violence, and that cuts across all communities.”

Nair said he believes a “significant human rights campaign” is needed to address such killings.

“It’s not just a U.S. issue. I think it happens across the world, and I think people need to recognize domestic violence and any kind of violence related to women as a serious, serious issue,” Nair said.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jihad Matinee

Concerned about the Islamist threat?
Please join us to get out of the heat and into the fight against jihad.

Please see the following information for a series of documentaries dedicated to creating awareness and education about the Islamist threat. The screenings will be held in the Northern Virginia area and free of charge. A period of discussion will follow for interested parties. The films deliver a thorough analysis of widely available, yet often unreported, Islamist source documents and therefore the ability to hear the Jihadis in their own words.

The content is as compelling as it is frightening. Please pass along to those who you feel might be interested.

The Virginia Chapter of the United American Committee proudly begins an objective and unapologetic series of film screenings and discussion on Islamist aggression. A new film will be shown each month beginning in July and ending in October.

From 2:00-3:00 p.m., Saturday, July 19, 2008, “Terrorists Among Us” will be screened in Room 101 A&B, of the new City of Fairfax Regional Library.

“Terrorists Among Us” is a 1994 PBS documentary that reveals footage of jihadi networks inside the US. US Rep. Christopher Smith (R-NJ) endorses the film by saying “I encourage every member of the House and Senate and hopefully every American to view this video.”

A one hour discussion period will follow for those wishing to participate or listen.

Those concerned about the Islamist threat are encouraged to attend. As seating is limited, please RSVP to:

The City of Fairfax Regional Library is located at 10360 North Street Fairfax, VA, 22030-2514. Phone: 703-293-6227

Future Events
August 2 rally to support Flight 93 families.
Somerset, Pennsylvania

August 16 Film Screening: Obsession the Movie
NoVa Location TBD

September 20th Film Screening: What the West Needs to Know About Islam
NoVa Location TBD

October 18th Film Screening: Farewell to Israel
NoVa Location TBD

For more information about events, the United American Committee, or how you can contribute to the fight against Islamist aggression, contact:

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Detention for Not Being Muslim

Story here. As Europe goes, so do we.

Boys punished with detention
for refusing to pray to Allah
Parents outraged: 'If Muslims were asked to go to church
on Sunday and take Holy Communion there would be war'

Posted: July 04, 2008
6:15 pm Eastern

Two seventh-grade boys were given detention and their classmates forced to miss their scheduled refreshment break when the pair refused to kneel and pray to Allah during a religious studies class.
Outraged parents called the punishment of the boys for not wanting to take part in the practical demonstration at Alsager High School near Stoke-on-Trent, UK, of how Muslims' worship Allah a breach of their human rights.
"This isn't right, it's taking things too far," parent Sharon Luinen told the London Daily Mail.
"I understand that they have to learn about other religions. I can live with that, but it is taking it a step too far to be punished because they wouldn't join in Muslim prayer. Making them pray to Allah, who isn't who they worship, is wrong and what got me is that they were told they were being disrespectful.
"I don't want this to look as if I have a problem with the school because I am generally very happy with it."
Last month, WND reported Principal Robin Lowe was reassigned after staging a mandatory lesson in Islamic religious beliefs for nearly 900 students at her Houston-area school.
The controversy erupted at Friendswood Junior High when students were diverted from a scheduled physical education class and taken to a special assembly.
In the 40-minute session, representatives of the Houston office of the controversial Council on American-Islamic Relations, an organization critics link to terrorist groups, presented a lesson in the religious beliefs and requirements of Islam.
The CAIR representatives instructed students that Adam, Noah and Jesus are prophets; announced "there is one god, his name is Allah"; taught the five pillars of Islam; told students how to pray five times a day; and gave instruction on Islamic religious requirements for dress.
The assembly had not been authorized by the district, officials confirmed.
In May, officials at a Minnesota charter school, housed in the same building as a mosque, attacked a television news crew investigating whether the publicly funded institution had complied with a state order to stop accommodating Islamic prayers and religious programs.
The investigation followed revelations by a substitute teacher who observed children being forced to participate in Islamic prayers.
In the Alsager School incident, the religion teacher, who was not named, made the class wear Muslim headgear and watch a short film. Afterward, she took prayer mats from her cupboard and said, "we are now going out to pray to Allah," parents claimed.
"I am absolutely furious my daughter was made to take part in it and I don't find it acceptable," said parent Karen Williams.
"Not only was it forced upon them, my daughter was told off for not doing it right. They'd never done it before and they were supposed to do it in another language."
"My child has been forced to pray to Allah in a school lesson," the grandfather of one of the students said. "It's absolutely disgusting, there's no other way of putting it. My daughter and a lot of other mothers are furious about their children being made to kneel on the floor and pray to Islam. If they didn't do it they were given detention.
"I am not racist, I've been friendly with an Indian for 30 years. I've also been to a Muslim wedding where it was explained to me that alcohol would not be served and I respected that. But if Muslims were asked to go to church on Sunday and take Holy Communion there would be war."
Keith Plant, Alsager's deputy headmaster, said with summer break, many of the staff was unavailable and he could not comment fully.
"I think that it is a shame that so many parents have got in touch with the press before coming to me. I have spoken to the teacher and she has articulately given me her version of events, but that is all I can give you at the moment."
Cheshire County Council issued a statement telling parents "inquiries are being made into the circumstances as a matter of urgency.
"Educating children in the beliefs of different faith is part of the diversity curriculum on the basis that knowledge is essential to understanding. We accept that such teaching is to be conducted with some sense of sensitivity."
Revelation of the incident follows this week's pronouncement by the UK's top judge, Lord Chief Justice Lord Phillips, that Islamic sharia law should be used in the UK.
In a speech to an East London mosque, Phillips said, "Those entering into a contractual agreement can agree that the agreement shall be governed by a law other than English law.'
"Those who are in dispute are free to subject it to mediation or to agree that it shall be resolved by a chosen arbitrator. There is no reason why principles of sharia law or any other religious code should not be the basis for mediation or other forms of dispute resolution."
Phillips signaled approval of sharia principles as long as punishments – and divorce rulings – complied with the law of the land.
In February, WND reported Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, chief of the 70-million-strong worldwide Anglican Communion, advocated the establishment of Islamic law in Britain.

Prognosis: Terminal Dhimmitude

Sharia law SHOULD be used in Britain, says UK's top judge
By Steve Doughty
Last updated at 12:05 PM on 04th July 2008

Explosive: The Lord Chief Justice's endorsement of Sharia law has already created huge controversy

The most senior judge in England yesterday gave his blessing to the use of sharia law to resolve disputes among Muslims. Lord Chief Justice Lord Phillips said that Islamic legal principles could be employed to deal with family and marital arguments and to regulate finance. He declared: 'Those entering into a contractual agreement can agree that the agreement shall be governed by a law other than English law.' In his speech at an East London mosque, Lord Phillips signalled approval of sharia principles as long as punishments - and divorce rulings - complied with the law of the land. But his remarks, which back the informal sharia courts operated by numerous mosques, provoked a barrage of criticism. Lawyers warned that family and marital disputes settled by sharia could disadvantage women or the vulnerable. Tories said that legal equality must be respected and that rulings incompatible with English law should never be enforceable.

Lord Phillips spoke five months after Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams suggested Islamic law could govern marital law, financial transactions and arbitration in disputes. The Lord Chief Justice said yesterday of the Archbishop's views: 'It was not very radical to advocate embracing sharia law in the context of family disputes'. He added there is 'widespread misunderstanding as to the nature of sharia law'. The Sharia Council of Britain: (from right to left) Dr Suhaib Hasan, Maulana Abu Sayeed and Mr Mufti Barabatullah preside over marriage cases at their headquarters earlier this year

Under fire: The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams. His comments on Sharia sparked a political storm

Lord Phillips said: 'Those who are in dispute are free to subject it to mediation or to agree that it shall be resolved by a chosen arbitrator. There is no reason why principles of sharia law or any other religious code should not be the basis for mediation or other forms of dispute resolution.'

Lord Phillips said that any sanctions must be 'drawn from the laws of England and Wales'. Severe physical punishment - he mentioned stoning, flogging or amputating hands - is 'out of the question' in Britain, he added. Lord Phillips' speech brought protests from lawyers who fear women could be disadvantaged in supposedly voluntary sharia deals. Barrister and human rights specialist John Cooper said: 'There should be one law by which everyone is held to account.
'Well-crafted laws in this country, drawn up to protect both parties including the weak and vulnerable party in matrimonial break-ups, could be compromised.'

Resolution, the organization of family law solicitors, said people should govern their lives in accordance with religious principles 'provided that those beliefs and traditions do not contradict the fundamental principle of equality on which Britain's laws are based.' Spokesman Teresa Richardson said religious law 'must be used to find solutions which are consistent with the basic principles of family law in this country and people must always have redress to the civil courts where they so choose.'

Robert Whelan, of the Civitas think tank, said: 'Everybody is governed by English law and it is not possible to sign away your legal rights. That is why guarantees on consumer products always have to tell customers their statutory rights are not affected. 'There is not much doubt that in traditional Islamic communities women do not enjoy the freedoms that they have had for 100 years or more in Britain.

'It is very easy to put pressure on young women in a male-dominated household. The English law stands to protect people from intimidation in such circumstances.'
Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve said: 'Mediation verdicts which are incompatible with our own legal principles should never be enforceable. One of the key aspects of our free society is equality. This should be understood and respected by all.'

The Ministry of Justice said: 'English law takes precedence over any other legal system. The Government has no intention of changing this position. Alongside this, it is possible to resolve civil law dispute by other systems.'

Man in the news: Lord Phillips
When appointed Lord Chief Justice, Nicholas Phillips gave the impression he would steer an uncontroversial course. He was best known as a Master of the Rolls - the most senior civil law judge - who had condemned the compensation culture. His first act in office was to declare: 'I intend to keep out of politics'. However 70-year-old Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers has followed his predecessor Lord Woolf in pushing for fewer prison sentences for criminals and has repeatedly clashed with ministers over criminal and constitutional law.

This week, members of the Government criticized the punishments he has devised for youths caught carrying knives. In October 2006, newspapers pictured the Law Lord carrying out a community punishment in jeans and high visibility jacket, leaning on a shovel, and declaring government penal policy to be 'madness'. In September, Lord Phillips is to leave the post to become the chief Law Lord and President of the new Supreme Court when it opens next year.
He has two children with his French wife, Christylle, and two stepchildren.

Find this story at:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Scots Apologize to Muslims' over Puppy Dog

Dhimmi alert Dhimmi alert:
There simply is no reasoning with insanity. The apology should be retracted, and these people placed in a western civilization sensitivity course. Integrate or Deport.

Muslims outraged at police advert featuring cute puppy sitting in policeman's hat

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 12:15 PM on 01st July 2008

A postcard featuring a cute puppy sitting in a policeman's hat advertising a Scottish police force's new telephone number has sparked outrage from Muslims.

Tayside Police's new non-emergency phone number has prompted complaints from members of the Islamic community.

The choice of image on the Tayside Police cards - a black dog sitting in a police officer's hat - has now been raised with Chief Constable John Vine.

Tayside Police caused uproar in the Muslim community after they released this advertisement featuring police puppy Rebel sitting in a hat

The advert has upset Muslims because dogs are considered ritually unclean and has sparked such anger that some shopkeepers in Dundee have refused to display the advert.

Dundee councillor Mohammed Asif said: 'My concern was that it's not welcomed by all communities, with the dog on the cards.

'It was probably a waste of resources going to these communities.

'They (the police) should have understood. Since then, the police have explained that it was an oversight on their part, and that if they'd seen it was going to cause upset they wouldn't have done it.'

Councillor Asif, who is a member of the Tayside Joint Police Board, said that the force had a diversity adviser and was generally very aware of such issues.

He raised the matter with Mr Vine at a meeting of the board.
John Vine

Tayside Police Chief Constable John Vine said the advert was not intended to cause any offence

The chief constable said he was unaware of the concerns and that the force had not sought to cause any upset but added he would look into the matter.

Councillor Asif said: 'People who have shops just won't put up the postcard. But the police have said to me that it was simply an oversight and they did not seek to offend or upset.'

Cards featuring police dog-in-training Rebel have been distributed to communities throughout the area to advertise the single number point of contact for non-emergency calls to the police.

Rebel has proved a popular recruit for Tayside Police after coming through the very first Lothian and Borders Police dog-breeding programme in February.

One of seven German Shepherd pups born in early December, he has now completed his course of inoculations, and is free to venture out onto the streets of Tayside.

A spokesman for Tayside Police said: 'Trainee police dog Rebel has proved extremely popular with children and adults since being introduced to the public, aged six weeks old, as Tayside Police's newest canine recruit.

'His incredible world-wide popularity - he has attracted record visitor numbers to our website - led us to believe Rebel could play a starring role in the promotion of our non-emergency number.

'We did not seek advice from the force's diversity adviser prior to publishing and distributing the postcards. That was an oversight and we apologize for any offense caused.'