Friday, June 4, 2010

Gaza Is Everywhere

In an Islamist movement bent on a global caliphate, the frontline is everywhere, Gaza is here. Wish we all demonstrated the balls this kid did, a lone teenager sails head on into a perfect storm of islamists and leftists.

I don't know about you, but metal poles, slingshots, and gas masks are part of every humanitarian flotilla I take.

Pat Codell On the Ground Zero Mosque

Yes, this Brit just called us pussies...and damnit he's right.

Fairfax Supermarket: Al-Awlaki On Sale Everything Must Go!

Welcome to Falls Church, Fairfax County, home to the Wahhabi Corridor, the Build America Shopping Center, and the Dar Al-Hijrah 9-11 mosque...come for the halal stay for the jihad. Halalco, the Islamist super-market in the DC area, got caught with its hijab down by CBN selling US most wanted terrorist Anwar Al-Awlaki sermons. When confronted by the reported, management went straight to the playbook lie, deny, then threaten to kill for insulting Islam...well maybe not that last part. Great video. Rest of the story found at CBN here. Sadly, none of this news to the counter-jihad movement here, and as the story states, not to the FBI either.

Live and Let Die McCartney

You used to say live and live, well live and let die Sir Asshole.
Shut it and go back to divorcing models. No one really cares what he thinks, the outrage is the where and when he delivered a cheap shot at W...accepting an award for the US.

Fairfax Home To Somlia War Crimes Drama

Something to ponder. I haven't researched the often conflicting facts that come out African conflicts, but its interesting to know that Fairfax was the chosen land for this to land in. Not surprising given what else we've imported from Somalia. What is funny/interesting, is that in the Fairfax Rte 7 Wahhabi Corridor, Somalis rank at the very bottom of the social structure. And here I thought it was only those of white western European descent that could be racist...somehow my Fairfax County Public Schools multi-cultural days and diversity sensitivity never sensitized me to the Islamic worlds race based social strata.

Ex-Somali official Mohamed Ali Samantar may be sued in U.S., Supreme Court rules

By Robert Barnes
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, June 2, 2010; A05

A group of Somalis who allege torture and killings by the former government of their homeland may pursue their lawsuit against a former prime minister now living in Fairfax County, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.

The justices ruled unanimously that a federal law that protects foreign governments from lawsuits filed in the United States does not cover individuals such as Mohamed Ali Samantar, who was defense minister and prime minister in the 1980s and early 1990s in the now-ousted government of Mohamed Siad Barre.

While Samantar's interpretation of the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act is "literally possible," Justice John Paul Stevens wrote for the court, a close reading "supports the view of respondents and the United States that the Act does not address an official's claim to immunity."

The court warned that its decision was narrow and that Samantar might have other legal claims of immunity when a district court reconsiders the suit. "Whether petitioner [Samantar] may be entitled to immunity under common law, and whether he may have other valid defenses to the grave charges against him, are matters to be addressed" by lower courts, Stevens wrote.

But the legal organization that represented those who sued Samantar said the decision gives teeth to the remedy Congress supplied to let victims recover damages from those who have moved to the United States after committing human rights violations in their home countries.

"Faced with a choice between accountability and immunity, the Supreme Court squarely came down in favor of accountability," said Pamela Merchant, executive director of the Center for Justice and Accountability in San Francisco. "Congress passed the Torture Victims Protection Act because they did not want torturers who have committed serious human rights crimes to seek safe haven in the United States. The Supreme Court's decision means that the U.S. will not serve as a safe haven."

Lawyers for Samantar and some members of the diplomatic corps had argued to the court that a decision in favor of Bashe Yousef and four other Samantar accusers could have powerful foreign policy implications, and could open U.S. officials to lawsuits in foreign courts.

The case is Samantar v. Yousef.

FBI Plays Texas Hold'em With Jihadi

Surprise! Just when John Brennan had you feeling relaxed by telling Jihad was ok, another jihadi gets arrested trying to provide material support to jihadis. OMG, my sense of trust in the government's strategic understanding of enemy threat doctrine has been turned upside down.....oh, wait, never mind, these are not the droids I'm looking for.
Houston Chronicle has the story here:

Barry Walter Bujol Jr. claimed he was just a window washer, but a federal grand jury on Thursday accused the 29-year-old of attempting to provide al-Qaida terrorists with global positioning instruments, cell phones and a restricted publication on the effects of U.S. military weapons in Afghanistan.

According to court records, the tall, bearded Bujol was arrested by federal agents at the Port of Houston while boarding a ship bound for the Middle East.

Bujol, a U.S. citizen, was shackled at the waist and ankles when he appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Frances Stacy, who ordered him to remain in the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service.

“This arrest is a sobering reminder of the threat we continue to face,” said Richard Powers, head of the FBI's Houston division. “It remains the FBI's overriding priority to predict and prevent terrorist attacks, at home and abroad.”

Authorities also searched Bujol's home at the Pine Meadows Apartments in Hemp­stead.

He said little in court; his attorney could not be reached immediately after the hearing.

The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force began investigating Bujol in 2008 and determined he was sending e-mail to Anwar al-Aulaqi, a known associate and propagandist for al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, according to prosecutors.

Al-Aulaqi provided him with a document titled “42 Ways of Supporting Jihad.” Bujol also allegedly sought al-Aulaqi for advice on how to provide money to the muja­hedeen overseas. Al-Aulaqi is the native-born U.S. citizen who exchanged e-mail with the suspect in the 2009 Fort Hood shootings, Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan.

In addition, Bujol made three unsuccessful attempts during February and March 2009 to leave the country and travel to Yemen or elsewhere in the Middle East, according to court documents.

The indictment lists 11 names for Bujol, including Pat, Paul, Michael, Abu ABudha Al Farnasi and Abu Najya.

He is accused of knowingly attempting to provide material support or resources to al-Qaida, including personnel, currency, prepaid phone cards, mobile telephone SIM cards and global positioning systems.

Prosecutors said he also attempted to provide restricted publications that detailed not only aspects of U.S. military systems, but described unmanned vehicles as well.

“Protecting the American public from the threat of terrorism, both international and home-grown, is the highest priority of the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Texas,” said Jose Angel Moreno, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Texas.
FBI enlists informant

As federal authorities did not take questions, it is not known how Bujol first came to their attention, what steps he allegedly took to transport the goods to al-Qaida, or whether any of those items were procured in the Houston area. Also unknown at this point is how Bujol is alleged to have made his initial contact with al-Qaida.

Beginning in November 2009, the FBI brought a confidential informant into the investigation — someone whom Bujol allegedly believed was an al-Qaida operative, according to prosecutors.

Over the next few months, Bujol repeatedly said he was willing to travel overseas to fight for al-Qaida.

The person working for the FBI provided him with a fake identification card that Bujol would use to get into the port in order to board a ship bound for the Middle East.

Bujol and his wife, Ernestine Johnson, are also charged with fraud in connection with an alleged conspiracy to obtain housing subsidies, court records show.

In 2009, Bujol claimed to make just $75 a week working part-time as a window washer at what authorities contend was a bogus company established in his name.

Johnson said she survived on money sent from the family.
Accused of rent scam

Because of the low income he claimed, Bujol secured subsidies that lowered the couple's rent to just $6 per month, instead of the usual $715, according to an affidavit filed in federal court.

At one point, Bujol allegedly was using the Social Security number of a man who had been killed in a car accident in Louisiana in 2001.

The FBI said it started keeping tabs on Bujol in 2009 with a camera hidden outside the couple's apartment, and never saw evidence that he had gainful employment.

Progressives Would Evolve Constitution to Nothing

George Will writes a great op-ed contrasting Madisonian and Wilsonian view of the Constitution. In a nutshell, Madisonian view is that of limited government, Wilsonian aka Progressive view is of limitless government.

The danger of a government with unlimited power

By George F. Will
Thursday, June 3, 2010; A17

Today, as it has been for a century, American politics is an argument between two Princetonians -- James Madison, Class of 1771, and Woodrow Wilson, Class of 1879. Madison was the most profound thinker among the Founders. Wilson, avatar of "progressivism," was the first president critical of the nation's founding. Barack Obama's Wilsonian agenda reflects its namesake's rejection of limited government.

Lack of "a limiting principle" is the essence of progressivism, according to William Voegeli, contributing editor of the Claremont Review of Books, in his new book "Never Enough: America's Limitless Welfare State." The Founders, he writes, believed that free government's purpose, and the threats to it, are found in nature. The threats are desires for untrammeled power, desires which, Madison said, are "sown in the nature of man." Government's limited purpose is to protect the exercise of natural rights that pre-exist government, rights that human reason can ascertain in unchanging principles of conduct and that are essential to the pursuit of happiness.

Wilsonian progressives believe that History is a proper noun, an autonomous thing. It, rather than nature, defines government's ever-evolving and unlimited purposes. Government exists to dispense an ever-expanding menu of rights -- entitlements that serve an open-ended understanding of material and even spiritual well-being.

The name "progressivism" implies criticism of the Founding, which we leave behind as we make progress. And the name is tautological: History is progressive because progress is defined as whatever History produces. History guarantees what the Supreme Court has called "evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society."

The cheerful assumption is that "evolving" must mean "improving." Progressivism's promise is a program for every problem, and progressivism's premise is that every unfulfilled desire is a problem.

Franklin Roosevelt, an alumnus of Wilson's administration, resolved to "resume" Wilson's "march along the path of real progress" by giving government "the vibrant personal character that is the very embodiment of human charity." He repudiated the Founders' idea that government is instituted to protect pre-existing and timeless natural rights, promising "the re-definition of these rights in terms of a changing and growing social order."

He promised "a right to make a comfortable living." Presumably, the judiciary would define and enforce the delivery of comfort. Specifically, there could be no right to "do anything which deprives others" of whatever "elemental rights" the government decides to dispense.

Today, government finds the limitless power of dispensing not in Madison's Constitution of limited government but in Wilson's theory that the Constitution actually frees government from limitations. The liberating -- for government -- idea is that the Constitution is a "living," evolving document. Wilson's Constitution is an emancipation proclamation for government, empowering it to regulate all human activities in order to treat all human desires as needs and hence as rights. Unlimited power is entailed by what Voegeli calls government's "right to discover new rights."

"Liberalism's protean understanding of rights," he says, "complicates and ultimately dooms the idea of a principled refusal to elevate any benefit that we would like people to enjoy to the status of an inviolable right." Needs breed rights to have the needs addressed, to the point that Lyndon Johnson, an FDR protege, promised that government would provide Americans with "purpose" and "meaning."

Although progressivism's ever-lengthening list of rights is as limitless as human needs/desires, one right that never makes the list is the right to keep some inviolable portion of one's private wealth or income, "regardless," Voegeli says, "of the lofty purposes social reformers wish to make of it."

Lacking a limiting principle, progressivism cannot say how big the welfare state should be but must always say that it should be bigger than it currently is. Furthermore, by making a welfare state a fountain of rights requisite for democracy, progressives in effect declare that democratic deliberation about the legitimacy of the welfare state is illegitimate.

"By blackening the skies with crisscrossing dollars," Voegeli says, the welfare state encourages people "to believe an impossibility: that every household can be a net importer of the wealth redistributed by the government." But the welfare state's problem, today becoming vivid, is socialism's problem, as Margaret Thatcher defined it: Socialist governments "always run out of other people's money."

Wilsonian government, meaning (in Wilson's words) government with "unstinted power," is hostile to Madison's Constitution, which, Madison said, obliges government "to control itself." Thus our choice is between government restraint rooted in respect for nature, or government free to follow History wherever government says History marches.

Krauthammer on Gaza Blockade

One of the few good pundits left, Krauthammer nails the truth surrounding Gaza:
The Obama Administration will allow (either through planning or ignorance) the destruction of Israel.

Summary quote: "Israel refuses repeated invitations to national suicide."
We should adopt the same strategy.

Full article follows:
Charles Krauthammer
Friday, June 4, 2010; A19

The world is outraged at Israel's blockade of Gaza. Turkey denounces its illegality, inhumanity, barbarity, etc. The usual U.N. suspects, Third World and European, join in. The Obama administration dithers.

But as Leslie Gelb, former president of the Council on Foreign Relations, writes, the blockade is not just perfectly rational, it is perfectly legal. Gaza under Hamas is a self-declared enemy of Israel -- a declaration backed up by more than 4,000 rockets fired at Israeli civilian territory. Yet having pledged itself to unceasing belligerency, Hamas claims victimhood when Israel imposes a blockade to prevent Hamas from arming itself with still more rockets.

In World War II, with full international legality, the United States blockaded Germany and Japan. And during the October 1962 missile crisis, we blockaded ("quarantined") Cuba. Arms-bearing Russian ships headed to Cuba turned back because the Soviets knew that the U.S. Navy would either board them or sink them. Yet Israel is accused of international criminality for doing precisely what John Kennedy did: impose a naval blockade to prevent a hostile state from acquiring lethal weaponry.

Oh, but weren't the Gaza-bound ships on a mission of humanitarian relief? No. Otherwise they would have accepted Israel's offer to bring their supplies to an Israeli port, be inspected for military materiel and have the rest trucked by Israel into Gaza -- as every week 10,000 tons of food, medicine and other humanitarian supplies are sent by Israel to Gaza.

Why was the offer refused? Because, as organizer Greta Berlin admitted, the flotilla was not about humanitarian relief but about breaking the blockade, i.e., ending Israel's inspection regime, which would mean unlimited shipping into Gaza and thus the unlimited arming of Hamas.

Israel has already twice intercepted ships laden with Iranian arms destined for Hezbollah and Gaza. What country would allow that?

But even more important, why did Israel even have to resort to blockade? Because, blockade is Israel's fallback as the world systematically de-legitimizes its traditional ways of defending itself -- forward and active defense.

(1) Forward defense: As a small, densely populated country surrounded by hostile states, Israel had, for its first half-century, adopted forward defense -- fighting wars on enemy territory (such as the Sinai and Golan Heights) rather than its own.

Where possible (Sinai, for example) Israel has traded territory for peace. But where peace offers were refused, Israel retained the territory as a protective buffer zone. Thus Israel retained a small strip of southern Lebanon to protect the villages of northern Israel. And it took many losses in Gaza, rather than expose Israeli border towns to Palestinian terror attacks. It is for the same reason America wages a grinding war in Afghanistan: You fight them there, so you don't have to fight them here.

But under overwhelming outside pressure, Israel gave it up. The Israelis were told the occupations were not just illegal but at the root of the anti-Israel insurgencies -- and therefore withdrawal, by removing the cause, would bring peace.

Land for peace. Remember? Well, during the past decade, Israel gave the land -- evacuating South Lebanon in 2000 and Gaza in 2005. What did it get? An intensification of belligerency, heavy militarization of the enemy side, multiple kidnappings, cross-border attacks and, from Gaza, years of unrelenting rocket attack.

(2) Active defense: Israel then had to switch to active defense -- military action to disrupt, dismantle and defeat (to borrow President Obama's description of our campaign against the Taliban and al-Qaeda) the newly armed terrorist mini-states established in southern Lebanon and Gaza after Israel withdrew.

The result? The Lebanon war of 2006 and Gaza operation of 2008-09. They were met with yet another avalanche of opprobrium and calumny by the same international community that had demanded the land-for-peace Israeli withdrawals in the first place. Worse, the U.N. Goldstone report, which essentially criminalized Israel's defensive operation in Gaza while whitewashing the casus belli -- the preceding and unprovoked Hamas rocket war -- effectively de-legitimized any active Israeli defense against its self-declared terror enemies.

(3) Passive defense: Without forward or active defense, Israel is left with but the most passive and benign of all defenses -- a blockade to simply prevent enemy rearmament. Yet, as we speak, this too is headed for international de-legitimation. Even the United States is now moving toward having it abolished.

But, if none of these is permissible, what's left?

Ah, but that's the point. It's the point understood by the blockade-busting flotilla of useful idiots and terror sympathizers, by the Turkish front organization that funded it, by the automatic anti-Israel Third World chorus at the United Nations, and by the supine Europeans who've had quite enough of the Jewish problem.

What's left? Nothing. The whole point of this relentless international campaign is to deprive Israel of any legitimate form of self-defense. Why, just last week, the Obama administration joined the jackals, and reversed four decades of U.S. practice, by signing onto a consensus document that singles out Israel's possession of nuclear weapons -- thus de-legitimizing Israel's very last line of defense: deterrence.

The world is tired of these troublesome Jews, 6 million -- that number again -- hard by the Mediterranean, refusing every invitation to national suicide. For which they are relentlessly demonized, ghettoized and constrained from defending themselves, even as the more committed anti-Zionists -- Iranian in particular -- openly prepare a more final solution.

Jihad Counselor Wanted

Wanted: Instructors for the way of Jihad
Islamic Saudi Academy has numerous openings for fine educational professionals who can continue to produce fine ISA graduates like:
Raed Abdul-Rahman Alsaif (arrested for attempting to board a plane with a concealed weapon)
Ahmed Omar Abu Ali (convicted and in prison for life, for attempting assassinate George W. Bush)

The ISA wishes to continue its harmony with the local community dhimmis, infidels, apostates, those filthy jews, and all form of kaffir that is our religious duty to kill. The instructors must follow this example as demonstrated by our Sharia compliant and Saudi approved textbooks and impeccable past leadership such as Abdalla I. Al-Shabnan who demonstrated the proper way to disregard all laws except Sharia ones when he failed to report child abuse.

Featured here at an ISA hearing is Nihad Awad who took a break from planning with convicted terrorists for some civic action or jihad by another name.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fairfax Summer Reading List: Dawa and Global Fooling

Fairfax County Public Schools 6th grade reading list includes how to build a mosque and a biography of muslim-in-chief Obama.

Also of special note for grades 7&8, especially because the debate on global warming is over and anyone who objects to sloppy science should be burned at the stake as a witch:

Gore, Albert. AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH: THE CRISIS OF GLOBAL WARMING. Gore examines the climate crisis of the planet, describes what world governments are doing, and offers reasons for serious consideration of the problems. (NF) (Yes, that means non-fiction)

Fairfax County Muslim Arrested For Threatening Obama

FAIRFAX, Va. - A Fairfax County man is under arrest after being accused of threatening to "blow the brains out" of President Obama. Police are taking the email threat very seriously.

The Fairfax patent lawyer is charged with threatening to kill the president on, but neighbors suspect there were previous threats. His next door neighbor found a law enforcement agent hiding behind a tree in his front yard just after the February blizzard appearing to monitor the home of the alleged would be assassin.

As Laurel Ridge Elementary School was letting out Friday, parents were shocked to discover that the neighbor who lives in a house on Commonwealth Boulevard is now in prison and accused of threatening to kill President Obama. ABC 7 Talkback:

We asked neighbor Jennifer Baitinger if the news was trouble to her, given his house and proximity to the school. She replied, "Oh yes, definitely. It's a little disturbing."

Mary Walker sits on the board of the neighborhood association.

She said about the neighborhood, "Kings Park West is a great neighborhood. We've got families with young children. We've got singles. We've got lots of senior citizens who are like grandparents to everybody."

In court papers, the government charges Adam Albrett, also known as Muhannad Almahmoudi, sent an email May 14 threatening to "blow the brains out of President Obama unless he vacates the White House."

The arrest warrant accuses Albrett of "threats against the president and successors to the presidency," which would be White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Albrett also threatened to kill Emanuel.

Neighbors say 45-year-old Albrett is a patent attorney of Middle Eastern descent who grew up here. His sister, who is a dentist, and two brothers, an engineer and a doctor, attended Laurel Ridge Elementary School.

Neighbors say that Albrett and his family all have been friendly during their years on Commonwealth Boulevard. His mother often exchanged cookies and food at the holidays.

Albrett waits in prison for his next court appearance on June 1.