Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moran Town Hall Fall Out

Aug. 25, 2009
South Lakes High School, Reston Va
8th Congressional District
Con. Moran invited Howard Dean to schelp for Obamacare, or as our sign correctly pointed out-national socialist healtcare.

Better video and reporting to follow, but wanted to get something out.

I didn't make the cut to get inside, so I hung around outside.

DNC sponsored astroturf:
Most of our signs are home made, no DNC astroturf signs for us, plenty of "Thank You" Obama for them. Bait and Switch alert: The DNC signs didn't say healthcare reform, health insurance reform. Subtle, but important, the ministry of propaganda has caught on that healtcare won't sell, but beating up on an insuracne bogeyman will.

Union Goons:
Union goons were in attendance. Local 10 Elevator Union.

Surpression of free speech:
As you'll see in a video below, we had sign with Obama as Joker, thank you DissentFromDayOne. We were told by a black Fairfax County School Security officer that we would have to keep the sign face down on the lawn or be thrown off for trespassing. So we took it directly to the a FXPD Captain and asked about the legality of this. Shame on us for not knowing the law, but now we know to do some research. The FXPD Captain didn't want to get in the middle of it, said there were different rules for schools. So, look for more events to take place at schools where the crowd can be more restricted in their free speech. Since no one could give us a straight answer, we applied the constitution and continued to hold the sign high for all the crowd to see. In related note: Con. Connolly hide behind elderly women to have his healthcare debate. Non retirement community residents were prohibited.

Overwhelming sporadic and unorganized opposition:
Outside, the crowd was a majority anti-socialist healthcare. However, when I asked these concerned citizens resiting government run econocare, none cited a particular organization that organized them, paid them to be there, told them what to say, how to act, and/or provided them protest material. Mostly self-mobilizing concerned citizens, expect for the LaRouche PAC people.

Yes, we got the now obligatory racist. Yawn. It would be funny if it wasn't sad. You know you are winning the argument when the start calling you names.

Obamatons, Lemmings, and Useful Idiots:

Hard to distinguish, many O-no-care supporters shared all of these characteristics. Many would not engage in mono y mono debate. Those that did could not cite specific facts, just liberal talking points: Not having war would pay for it all, etc., I did have fun with the "its deficit neutral" argument. I reminded them that abstinence is "sex neutral." Neither one is realistic. In their closing statements they either ran away, insulted me, or a combo insult, declare victory, and retreat.

Here are the preliminary vids, more to follow.

A skirmish outside while the debate was going on inside:

Local 10 Elevator Union was there:

Democratic rift, interview with LaRouche PAC outside:

Call to action:

Mocking Dear Leader:

Closing Thoughts: