Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trifecta of NoVa Jihad

What is going on? Where are these muslims getting this jihad stuff anyway...oh wait, the Koran, the Hadiths, the Saudis, the Muslim Brootherhood...that's right.

So we've got: Facebook Jihadi+MetroBomber+Dulles Grand Theft Jihadi=Xmas Unholy Trinity. Add in the Charm City recent revert to Islam and you've got 4 times the trouble in greater DC area...must be something in the water.

Breakdown is as follows:
Facebook Jihadi: Awais Younis, an Afghan, also known as Sundullah "Sunny" Ghilzai and Mohannme Khan, allegedly described how to build a pipe bomb that could maximize casualties on the Washington Metrorail, according to a December 6 criminal affidavit. Key themes: Afghan, Muslim, Metro.

MetroBomber: And in October, authorities charged Farooque Ahmed, 34, of Ashburn with conspiring with people he thought to be al-Qaeda operatives to bomb the Arlington Cemetery, Pentagon City, Crystal City and Court House Metro stations.The operatives were actually working with the FBI. Key themes: Pakistani, Muslim, Metro

Grand Theft Jihadi: Have one look at Muslim Muhammad Teshale, and you already know it’s jihad. There’s no way this guy’s multiple hit and run accidents on I-66, yesterday morning, were an “accident” because he caused at least SIX separate accidents, while driving a shuttle at Washington Dulles International Airport. And looking at the photo you gotta ask what the hell a jihadi looking person like this is doing as a licensed, employed airport shuttle. Um, helloooooo . . .? And the guy reportedly did this “to become famous.” Yeah, “famous” to allah and the Arab street. Hey, just like the 9/11 hijackers, also “famous.” He was shuttling no passengers, and drove as fast as he could during rush hour traffic, at a time when he knew he could cause the most accidents and injure the most people. If this isn’t highway jihad, what is? Teshale is replete with halal beard and all. Key themes: Muslim, Transit
Make sure you click on the link to see his photo: shaved head, full beard, super short mustache, just like Mohammed.

So lets play security manager: Devoted Muslim: Give him a van, access to the airport, and lots of captive passengers. New mom with breastmilk: photograph naked and/or grope. Man with bladder bag: photograph naked and/or group. etc...

Cracker jack work, gold star for Dulles, the TSA, and cowards who refuse to openly address the violence inherent in Islam. Bottom line, the US has adopted a strategy of "Its safer for my career to risk lives than be sued." We are moving downhill at warp speed. Beam me up.