Friday, May 30, 2008

Must Watch!

Must watch video!

13 minutes. Amazing. A hero speaks.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Islam Officially A Mental Disease

Its official, the Brits consider Islam a mental disease.

White Muslim convert bomb suspect named

The white Muslim convert arrested after a bomb was detonated in a restaurant in Exeter has been named as 22-year-old Nicky Reilly.

Nicky Reilly is arrested by police
Nicky Reilly has been arrested in connection with the explosion at the Giraffe restaurant in Exeter city centre

Mr Reilly had a history of mental illness and had been "preyed upon" by "radical" Muslims in the area, police officers said.

They have established that he travelled between Plymouth and Exeter by bus before the explosion at the Giraffe restaurant at the Princesshay shopping centre at 12.50pm.

Two bombs were found and Reilly was the only person injured. He suffered "serious facial injuries" although they were not said to be life-threatening.

He was later arrested before armed police searched an address in King Street, Plymouth, which is linked to Reilly.

The premises was still being searched at 9.40pm.

Deputy Chief Constable Tony Melville last night launched a plea for information on Mr Reilly's movements and took the unusual step of releasing a picture to assist the investigation.

He said: "Our investigation so far indicates Reilly, who has a history of mental illnesss had adopted the Islamic faith.

"We believe despite his weak and vulnerable illness he was preyed upon, radicalised, and taken advantage of.

"Bomb disposal experts attended the scene and made safe two explosive devices. These are being forensically examined."

Reilly was last night under police guard and thought to be undergoing treatment at the Royal Devon and Exeter hospital.

Last night neighbours of Mr Reilly said that he changed his name last year through deed poll to Mohammed Rasheed and described him as “naive and easily led”.

Daniel Turner, 20, a neighbour, said that Mr Reilly’s nickname is the “Big Friendly Giant” but that he had been “brainwashed”.

Mr Turner said: “He is mentally ill and he probably has the mental age of a 10-year-old.

“He changed his name to Mohammed Rasheed about a year ago at a registry office.

“He was brainwashed into becoming a Muslim by local men. He can’t think for himself.

“Nicky is schizophrenic. We call him the BFG but he obviously met up with the wrong people.”

Mr Reilly lives with his mother Kim and has two brothers Luke, 20, and Elliott, 10.

Bradley Kinsman, 22, a friend of the Reilly family, said: “Nicky used to come out and play with us but in the last year he has been really antisocial.

“He is a very lonely guy and that is because of his mental illness. He has a big lurcher dog called Gypsy who he adores.

“Someone has seen he is vulnerable and naive and have ordered him to do these things.

“There is no way he would be capable of doing something like that by himself.

“Sometimes we walk underneath his window and we can hear the sound of him praying. He hasn’t really spoken to us in two years.”

Nicky lives in a large block of flats in a poor area near the centre of Plymouth.

Bradley added: “His mum is a really nice woman. I feel so sorry for her. I don’t think she even knew it had come this far.

“No-one around here did. Sometimes people from the Muslim community would knock at his door but his mum wouldn’t let them in.”

Nicky Reilly’s brother Luke, 20, was jailed for six years in February after pleading guilty to beating Polish kitchen worker Wojciech Giedzilin unconscious in a “brutal and sustained attack”.

During his hearing at Plymouth Crown Court Reilly’s defence lawyer said he was of “limited intelligence,” and had a troubled upbringing.

The court also heard that he had a cannabis habit and would regularly steal to fund it.

British police search home of 'vulnerable' Muslim convert who set off bomb in restaurant
Friday, May 23, 2008

LONDON: Anti-terrorist police on Friday searched an apartment in southwest England to try to determine what motivated a young Muslim convert with a history of mental illness to walk into a busy restaurant with two bombs.

Suspected bomber Nicky Reilly was the only person injured in the blast, but experts and authorities fear he represents a worrying trend: vulnerable and isolated individuals radicalized through the Internet and exploited by militants.

Police forensic teams removed bags full of evidence from the second-floor apartment in Plymouth where Reilly lived with his mother and younger brother. A military bomb-disposal team arrived at the scene as the search continued.

Reilly, 22, was in a hospital under armed guard and being treated for facial injuries after a device he was carrying blew up Thursday in a bathroom at Giraffe, a popular family restaurant in Exeter, 180 miles (290 kilometers) southwest of London and about 40 miles (60 kilometers) from his home. Another explosive device was found nearby and disarmed by bomb-disposal experts.

Police would not confirm reports that the devices were made from a mixture of chemicals and nails.

Police late Thursday took the unusual step of naming Reilly, who has not been charged, and releasing a photograph of the stocky, 6-foot-1 (185 centimeters) young man. Devon and Cornwall Police said Reilly had been manipulated, and appealed for help tracking his movements.

"Our investigation so far indicates that Reilly, who has a history of mental illness, has adopted the Islamic faith," Deputy Chief Constable Tony Melville told reporters.

"We believe that despite his weak and vulnerable state, he was preyed upon, radicalized and taken advantage of."

Police said the incident did not appear to be part of a wider plot, although they cautioned that the investigation was ongoing.

London police said they had sent a team of counterterrorism officers to provide support for the investigation. The British Broadcasting Corp. reported that the country's domestic intelligence service, MI5, was also on the case.

Neighbors on the Plymouth public housing estate described Reilly as a quiet, isolated man who spent much of his time indoors, and a local Muslim leader said he did not know the suspect.

Scott Allen, 19, who lives in the apartment below Reilly's in Plymouth, said the young man appeared introverted and rarely spoke.

"I would say they picked on him because of his vulnerability," Allen said. "He had always been a follower and had always wanted friends."

Another neighbor, 17-year-old Ali Turner, said Reilly's computer screen saver was an image of the burning World Trade Center in New York. Turner said Reilly has recently changed his name to Mohammed Rasheed, "but English people were still allowed to call him Nicky."

Syed Lutfur Rahman, chairman of Plymouth's Islamic Center, said police had called him to offer protection for the center in case of a backlash against local Muslims. They also asked him if he knew Reilly.

"I said I didn't know him. I don't know if he's been to the center," Rahman said. "But I don't recognize him."

Terrorism-related arrests have become frequent in Britain since the Sept. 11 attacks and the July 2005 suicide bombings that killed 52 commuters in London. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said last month that authorities were monitoring 2,000 suspects and 30 active plots.

But Exeter seems an unlikely target. It is a city of about 120,000 people in Devon, a county best known for beaches, beautiful countryside and clotted cream.

The largely rural southwest is one of England's quietest corners, although animal-rights militants have detonated a series of small bombs in the region over the last quarter century.

On Friday, a 19-year-old Muslim convert from Bristol, also in southwest England, appeared at London's Central Criminal Court, charged with intending to commit a terrorist act using an improvised explosive device.

Police say Andrew Philip Michael Ibrahim, arrested last month, was found with a peroxide-based explosive, along with ball bearings, air gun pellets, nails, screws, circuitry, batteries and electric bulb filaments. He is due to stand trial in January.

Both Ibrahim and Reilly appeared to have been radicalized very quickly, said Garry Hindle, a terrorism expert at the Royal United Services Institute, a military think tank.

"The rapid radicalization is something of concern, the speed with which people can be converted to violent acts," Hindle said. "Police have pointed to this being something that can happen in a matter of weeks.

"It points to the fear that there is a lot of use of the Internet — people can almost become self-radicalized," he said. "If that is what has happened in Bristol or in Exeter, it is very worrying."

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Assaults on Military riding Metro

A few useful suggestions of my own. When confronted by these scumbags as:

A uniformed personnel: Deliver quick display of modern military close quarter combative techniques

A civilian: Kick the scumbag in the crotch, kick them in the crotch, and kick them in the crotch

Verbal assaults directed at uniformed [military] personnel

E-mail Print

Washington D.C.

Dept of Transportation Federal Transit Administration sends:

Recently, there have been local incidents in which military personnel have been verbally assaulted while commuting on the Metro. Uniformed members have been approached by individuals expressing themselves as anti-government, shouting anti-war sentiments, and using racial slurs against minorities.

In one instance, a member was followed onto the platform by an individual who continued to berate her as she exited the
metro station. Thus far, these incidents have occurred in the vicinity of the Reagan National Airport and Eisenhower Ave metro stations on the yellow line, however, military members should be vigilant and aware of their surroundings at all times while in mass transit.

Should you be approached by any individuals expressing anti-government/anti-war sentiments, or any other types of direct verbal assault, immediately notify your local police jurisdiction. If riding metro, exit the train at the next stop, distance yourself from the individual, and notify the Metro Transit Police Department.

For this and any other suspicious activity, NGB personnel are also asked to notify the Pentagon Command Center at (703)697-1001, and the NGB Antiterrorism/Force Protection Officer, MSgt Cyril Charity, at (703)607-2396 or (571)239-1109 (after duty hours).

Here are a few friendly reminders of personal protective measures that can help you to stay safe:

-If possible, do not commute in uniform (military members) -Do not display DoD building passes, "hot cards", or personal identification in open view outside of the workplace -Do not discuss specifics about your occupation to outside solicitors

-Always try to remain in well lit, well populated train cars if traveling via metro -Be vigilant at all times!


National Operations Center

Update: Austin Bay has more on the topic:

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Qutb's Milestone's Highlights

Am halfway through, but in a nutshell here are the following highlights from Qutb's Milestone's.

To change society, you must change yourself, the revolution begins at home.

Muslims have been wronged, the only way to right it is to follow the example of the Companions.
You, the slighted Muslim, can be part of a revolutionary vanguard simply by being more pious.

All manmade constructs are not perfect and create systems by which one man will lord over another. Only Islam, as it comes from God, is perfect, and because of its perfection provides equality, freedom, and justice for all. It does because its law apply to all men. The destruction of all manmade governments is necessary in order to liberate man and bring us into the freedom only Allah can provide....whether they (the infidel) want to or not.

More to follow.

ACTION ITEM: Delay ISA lease renewal

Let the Fairfax County Board have it!

This is a press release issued by the Traditional Values Coalition which
opposes renewing the lease on the Islamic Saudi Academy in Fairfax County.
The county leases the old Mount Vernon High School to the Saudi embassy.
There is a 3:30 Monday Board of Supervisors hearing to vote on this.

TVC Urges Fairfax Officials

Put Saudi School Lease on Hold

Wait for Results of Textbook Review by State Department

Washington, DC – An official of the Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) asked Fairfax County Supervisors to delay the renewal of the Islamic Saudi Academy’s (ISA) lease until a review of the school’s curriculum has been completed by federal officials.

TVC Executive Director Andrea Lafferty said classroom materials provided by the Saudi government for use in schools in America such as the academy in Virginia “attempt to propagate jihadist and incitement to violence against Americans and non-Muslims, particularly Jews.”

Recently, Congresswoman Sue Myrick (R-North Carolina), the founder of the Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus, asked President Bush to raise the issue of these materials during his meeting this week with Saudi King Abdullah.

Congresswoman Myrick released excerpts from text books provided by the Saudis to schools in America including an eighth grade text which said,

” The apes are the Jews, the people of the Sabbath while the swine are the Christians, the infidels of the communion of Jesus.”

A sixth grade text urged: "Just as Muslims were successful in the past when they came together in a sincere endeavor to evict the Christian crusaders from Palestine, so will the Arabs and Muslims emerge victorious, Allah willing, against the Jews and their allies if they stand together and fight a true jihad for Allah, for this is within Allah's power."

Mrs. Lafferty said Fairfax County Supervisors should wait until these texts used in this school which is linked to the Saudi government’s Washington embassy have been thoroughly reviewed.

“There is a lot we don’t know about what is being taught there,” Mrs. Lafferty said. “This is not about theology or religious speech unless you make the argument that violence and sedition are prescribed by Islam. This goes way beyond crying fire in a crowded theater. It is not protected speech. It is a crime to incite violence against Americans or against people of certain faiths.

“We have sent a letter to members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors asking them to delay the renewal of the ISA lease until the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom and the State Department finish reviewing the texts.”

Almontaser Defamation Lawsuit

May 15, 2008





Stop the Madrassa has filed a lawsuit for defamation per se in Kings County Supreme Court against Dhabah (aka Debbie) Almontaser based upon her statements to the press. (See New YorkTimes web log at

Stop The Madrassa's lawyer demanded on more than one occasion, the first time five months ago, that Almontaser "cease and desist" her defaming the members of Stop The Madrassa by accusing them of stalking her and of verbally accosting her with anti-Muslim hate speech, serious crimes in the State of New York.

With the recent release of a New York Times article "Principal of Arabic School Says She Was Forced Out," these defamatory remarks by Almontaser take on even greater visibility in that they are being re-published every day at the New York Times web-log and other Internet sites. Almontaser has left Stop The Madrassa members nowhere to turn but to New York Supreme Court in its attempt to undo the enormous damage her false charges of criminal behavior have caused.

Sara Springer, President of Stop The Madrassa Coalition, made it clear that “neither Stop The Madrassa nor any of its members have ever stalked Almontaser or even attempted to track her whereabouts.”

Ms. Springer added, “Stop The Madarassa’s interest was in getting basic information about the Khalil Gibran International Academy – information that the Department of Education was required by law to provide but refused. Any mention of Almontaser was based upon the fact that she was the one who planned and organized the school, created a religious advisory board of radical Imams and called for Shariah-compliant Halal food.”

Stop The Madrassa Coalition members, Sara Springer, Irene Alter and Pamela Hall, have also explained they “have lived in abject fear that these allegations of criminal behavior could result in some prosecutor deciding to pursue the matter criminally.”

The Stop The Madrassa complaint emphasizes that Almontaser has pursued these defamatory lies even in federal court by repeating them in the lawsuit she filed in the Southern District of New York against the Department of Education alleging she was illegally fired.

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The Stop The Madrassa defamation lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages plus legal fees and costs.

In a related matter, Stop The Madrassa Coalition’s FOIL lawsuit against the Department of Education concluded with the court issuing an order demanding the Department of Education provide all the documents requested by the Coalition. The court's decision on the award of attorneys' fees and costs is pending.

According to Stop The Madrassa, even with the court order, the Department of Education has failed to turn over essential documents as required by statute.

Congratulations UAC Central Florida!

Victory Over Classroom Jihadists

Regarding the recent central Florida classroom jihad events that the UAC has been confronting:

BREAKING NEWS: As of today, thanks to the attention brought to the situation by the UAC, the Academy For Learning Islam (A.L.I.) has been permanently removed the Dividends and Speaker’s Bureau programs of the Seminole County Public School System in Central Florida. We are extremely proud of this victory and could not have done it alone. All the people who wrote emails, made phone calls, and spoke to the school board, your messages was heard loud and clear. This is a significant accomplishment removing A.L.I.s’ access to Seminole County students after repeatedly violating the school boards rules. Great things happen, one small event at a time.

Radio interviews on this issue with UAC officials as well as concerned parents and a school official can be found in mp3 at the links below:

-[Listen] Central Florida UAC chapter chairman Alan Kornman on AM talk radio:

-[Listen] A school official responds on the air

-[Listen] Interview with a concerned parent

We are closely monitoring the A.L.I. Group, as well as many other Islamic organizations with questionable motives, and will continue to do so in the future.

Join the United American Committee today and be a part of the solution.

UNITED AMERICAN COMMITTEE – A Non-Profit 501c3 Corporation
P.O. Box 80325
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

Be sure to email the Central Florida chapter of the UAC and congratulate them on all their hard work on this issue