Monday, July 20, 2009

Police and Fire Out In Force at ISA Hearing

Fairfax PD and Fire Marshals Office were out in force. We had numerous reports from those who went to the Planning Commission hearing that they were intimidated and threatened on the way to their cars after the meeting. At this Supervisors hearing, I spoke with at least one individual who had to time his exit from the meeting to avoid a known threat against him. Then of course, there was the testimony from the brave man who lives in constant fear for his life from the Wahhabists that caused to flee to the US from Egypt. But here's Mernie Fitzgerald letting you know everything is ok, and that over 12 cops and 3 fire marshalls are the norm for planning meetings. Afterwards she told me that if I acted now, I could take advantage of a limited time offer while supplies last, to get a Shamwow, Snuggie, and secret Wall Street Insider trading tips for the low price of $19.95.

Perhaps they were afraid of all this.

Wahhabists Run From Praying Christians

July 13, 2009, Fairfax County, VA
One of many posts on this subject.
Thanks to Marooned in Marin for the video.

Pray, pray, and pray more. It toppled the Romans and the first Communist Empire, add it to your arsenal against the evils of Sharia. In the videos below, we brought interfaith mutual understanding right to their feet. As you will notice, they run from it. A stark contrast from their efforts here.

Whenever you see this... must do this.