Monday, April 7, 2008

RFDAH Liberty Challenge

RFDAH Inaugural Liberty Challenge

RFDAH proudly issues its Inaugural Liberty Challenge to defend Freedom of Speech. The Liberty Challenge is a response to the attempts to silence US authors by suing them in foreign courts. To date, such Judicial Jihad has already claimed the authors of Alms for Jihad, Funding Evil, and almost three dozen others. However, there is a small flicker of hope that the Liberty Challenge hopes to fan into a furious flame.

The Liberty Challenge consists of three parts, with an award for the third portion. The partitioning is derived from Dr. Ehrenfeld's recent interview on Radio Free Dar al Harb.

  1. Empire State Only: Sign Libel Terrorism Protection Act into Law
    • The Libel Terrorism Protection Act has passed the NY State Legislature, but is waiting for Governor Paterson to sign it into law. If you live in New York, contact your legislative reps and the Governor's office, and get this law on the books. Information available at:

    • Deadline: Act Now

  1. Demand Similar Legislation
    • Contact your State and Federal legislative representatives and demand similar legislation.

    • Deadline: Act Now

  1. Editorials and Prize

· Conspicuously absent from a media all to eager to leak out national security secrets, are editorials that address the frontal assault free speech is facing.

· Write your best editorial related to Libel Terrorism and submit it to your local newspaper.

· Send a copy to

· Editorials will be ranked on the following criteria:

o Content

o If it was published (proof required)

· Prize:

o The winner will receive a gift certificate for a free steak dinner. It's not much, but it's the best offer RFDAH can make as we are sans sponsors to retain complete content control.

· Deadline: April 21

· Award: May 3