Friday, May 29, 2009

"You are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker."

Courtesy of Fox News. Lets just do a little bit of role reversal and see what would have happened if it was uniformed and armed Klan members outside of this Philly polling station saying "You are about to be ruled by the white man, nigger." OMG, the heavens would erupt, the sky would fall, Al Sharpton's hair would spontaneously ignite, and nationwide the streets would burst into civil disorder...instead, the guilty walk free and a tranquility resembling the expression of a secretly suicidal stepford wife lies upon the land. I guess this is what politically correct equality means.

Fox News has it here:

Charges brought against three members of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense under the Bush administration have been dropped by the Obama Justice Department, FOX News has learned.

The charges stemmed from an incident at a Philadelphia polling place on Election Day 2008 when three members of the party were accused of trying to threaten voters and block poll and campaign workers by the threat of force -- one even brandishing what prosecutors call a deadly weapon.

The three black panthers, Minister King Samir Shabazz, Malik Zulu Shabazz and Jerry Jackson were charged in a civil complaint in the final days of the Bush administration with violating the voter rights act by using coercion, threats and intimidation. Shabazz allegedly held a nightstick or baton that prosecutors said he pointed at people and menacingly tapped it. Prosecutors also say he "supports racially motivated violence against non-blacks and Jews."

The Obama administration won the case last month, but moved to dismiss the charges on May 15.

Click here to see FOX News video from the scene on election day.

The complaint says the men hurled racial slurs at both blacks and whites.

A poll watcher who provided an affidavit to prosecutors in the case noted that Bartle Bull, who worked as a civil rights lawyer in the south in the 1960's and is a former campaign manager for Robert Kennedy, said it was the most blatant form of voter intimidation he had ever seen.

In his affidavit, obtained by FOX News, Bull wrote "I watched the two uniformed men confront voters and attempt to intimidate voters. They were positioned in a location that forced every voter to pass in close proximity to them. The weapon was openly displayed and brandished in plain sight of voters."

He also said they tried to "interfere with the work of other poll observers ... whom the uniformed men apparently believed did not share their preferences politically," noting that one of the panthers turned toward the white poll observers and said "you are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker."

A spokesman for the Department of Justice told FOX News, "The Justice Department was successful in obtaining an injunction that prohibits the defendant who brandished a weapon outside a Philadelphia polling place from doing so again. Claims were dismissed against the other defendants based on a careful assessment of the facts and the law. The department is committed to the vigorous prosecution of those who intimidate, threaten or coerce anyone exercising his or her sacred right to vote."

FOX News' Eric Shawn contributed to this report.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Libel Lawfare Quicklook With Video

I attended the Middle East Forum's Libel Lawfare Conference and all I got was a 100 year old English translation of the Urdu booklet "The British Government and Jihad." Actually, I got far more, as I'm sure most of the participants did from this excellent conference courtesy of the Legal Project at the Middle East Forum. Hat's off to Brooke Goldstein for organizing it, sorry I missed your opening remarks. The story of the Urdu booklet on Jihad took place during lunch, and will have to wait for another time. But since I may have your attention, will proceed with a condensed review of the day supported by a bunch of shaky videos.

Within the plush embrace of the Capital Hilton, three blocks north of the Comrade in Chief's residence, the conference offered panelists with domestic and foreign perspectives on lawfare. From the morning session came the following items for consideration:

Frank Gaffney: Religious and Secular trans-nationalism has America in a pincer movement that if not opposed will end free speech as we know it. The first amendment won't be revoked, but yielding sovereignty to global organizations, campus speech codes, and lawsuits will "chill" free speech to the point that no one will want to exercise, or be able to afford to, their right. Related point and action item: Say No to Koh. Call your Congressman and Senators: No on Harold Koh!

RFDAH Note: Two words that should stop being used in the discourse of this subject because of over-repetition and/or irrelevance: chilling effect and speaking respectfully. Chill is just over-used and I want viciously passionate arguments. If they mean civil discourse vs. jerry springer, that's different, but respect grants quarters to an enemy that would afford us none.

Prof. Alan M. Dershowitz: Italy indicted him on comments he made about an Italian judge from his office in Boston. Italy extended its jurisdiction from Rome to Baaahston. He flew to Italy to confront them, and will take his course through all the highest courts of the land in Eurabia. Point being, when no crime has been committed you must be acquitted. Slinking away with an unenforceable foreign judgment against you is unacceptable and does nothing to further the cause. Pick your head up, fight the charges, demand to be cleared, promote, and get the US gov to more actively promote our model of free speech.

Legal system as it is has most responsible media (TV and journalism) with the least protection and the least responsible (internet) gets the most protection. This is greatly skewing the system.

Perhaps the best moments were his exchanges with Gaffney on Sharia. It would be the cowards way to say Dershowitz was a prickly liberal refusing to acknowledge the realities of the world. Dershowitz challenged Gaffney, "you have not made the case." Dershowitz would go on to acknowledge and request the opportunity to learn more about Sharia, but his point stands. If he represents the people we are trying to win over, we need to improve our game. You may be right, but you're not being winning the argument. I'm pretty sure the Law and Order scene change music was going to play at any second.

Finally, free speech in neutral and restrictions work both ways. Dershowitz kept going back to Kashrut law protections offering protection for Sharia. RFDAH Note: How can you be pro-Israel and pro-sharia (he defended various sharia compliance scenarios, not enough detail in scenarios for him to really to make an informed opinion if he wasn't already savvy on shraia. )?

Andrew C. McCarthy: US government has a duty to protect the freedom of US citizens over the rest of the world.

James Taranto: Free Speech not in danger based on SCOTUS Brandenburg v. Ohio. Works both ways though. Advocating violence is protected speech but incitement to violence is not protected. RFDAH Note: Disagree, free speech very much threatened.

John J. Walsh: Out in deep left field. Everything you'd expect from a defense lawyer. His lone good point, libel tourism laws as proposed could be too broad and strip those actually damaged of the right to legal recourse. His solution: an international body to determine a solution. RFDAH gags.

Then began the peanut gallery circus of questions, and it was a notable peanut gallery featuring Charles Jacobs, a Pakistani Imam, and a host of others distinguished individuals. RFDAH note on question etiquette in general. I know the nerves may get you, the excitement may overtake you...but get to the damn point. Too many, and one is too many, first offered cathartic releases before getting to an actual question. This left about eight people without time to ask their questions, and I really wanted to hear what the lady in the festooned hijab was going to ask.

Lunch break. I didn't have access to the lunch time Invitation Only session, so I decided to do the next best thing, go right to the elephant in the room, the one who stood out amongst a sea yamicas and gentiles, the Imam with the big hat. I spent 30 minutes debating the Pakistani Imam and his Senegal national companion about Islamist aggression, Free Speech, and a Prophet of Mercy that beheaded 600 Jews. That is another story, but I will reveal this, while the give and take was good, and I walked away feeling these men were not wahabbists, the Imam did blame the beheading of the defeated Jewish tribe on the Jews themselves. It is part of the bizarre and enshrined victimhood in Islam, even among the Imam's ostensibly peaceful group banned by the Pakistani government, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

My notes on the afternoon are brief as the I put down pen and picked up camera. The video is shaky, so my recommendation is turn off the monitor and turn up the speakers. In summary, while the UK is moving to toughen its libel laws to address the libel tourism issue, the EU is an unsalvageable abomination that should be razed to the ground and not started over.

Missed David Harris.
Ok, as I'm trying to get the videos up, I realized they are too long and I need to cut them down, which isn't going to happen at midnight. I will get the vids up sometime by the end of the week. Alan Mendoza and Douglas Murray clips are definitely worth coming back for.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Build America Bust Update w/google map

View Build America Bust in a larger map

Zoom until you hit Wisconsin.

Each marker has info for address, picture, charges, court dates, and bail amounts.
Those not in the Fairfax County system under their name are most likely due to sloppy handwriting or key punching. That is the simplest explanation...but may not be the correct one.

Blue: Arrested
Red: Wanted
Yellow: The arrested money launderes
Green: Radical Islamic Centers...just two of the many.

Link o rama of local news on it:
Washington Examiner
Fairfax Times

Friday, May 15, 2009

Stimulus: The Chicago Way

Here is what happens when Chicago politics and a Leftist 'Soft' Junta gain access to power:
1) Extend voter fraud by tampering with the census
2) Begin paybacks, construction projects, labor unions, hurry legislation, push it through, squash dissent which is what you can do when you've got the media in your pocket. This leads us to, stimulus checks for dead people, a natural extension of the dead voting. We've either got a zombie horde or a thugs in office, but perhaps I repeat myself.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crime Terror Nexus Arrest Near Radical Falls Church Mosque?

Fairfax County Police led a massive bust near the popular and growing radical Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, VA. The strip mall down the street that is hangout of choice for the Islamist enclave surrounding Dar al-Hijrah is called Build America, thus the title Operation Build America. Time again we've seen the nexus between petty crime, organized crime, and jihadis. Hopefully this made a bigger impact than can be released to the public. You must click on the link to read the names and see pictures of those arrested. 16 of 27 middle eastern males between ages 18 and 48. Just goes to show that even though FXPD had a Jihadi mole, the boys in blue can still kick a little ass.

Fairfax County, home to Falls Church, is one of the major frontlines of Islamist aggression. We have:
The Dar al-Hijrah Wahabbi corridor which is a massive Islamist enclave built up around the mosque
Tax payer subsidized K-B.A. in Jihad via the Islamic Saudi Academy and George Mason (ISA is not taxed and Mason is public)that has already produced one convicted terrorist
Gitmo trials and Gitmo prisoners coming
And our first pro-jihad candidate

This bust is only the tip of the iceberg. Its a good start, but just that, a start.

Fairfax County Police Department
Public Information Office
4100 Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax, Va. 22030
703-246-2253. TTY 703-204-2264. Fax 703-246-4253
News Release: 09/cid/eja/
May 7, 2009
Undercover Operation Nets 143 Criminal Charges

On Wednesday, May 6, over 135 law enforcement personnel participated in concluding a year-long undercover investigation. Operation Build America was launched in May 2008 to better understand the criminal activity taking place in and around the Build America Shopping Center. The shopping center is nestled in the Skyline community in the 3800 block of South George Mason Drive. Community concerns of illegal activities in the shopping center coupled with indicators that crime was in the upswing sprung the operation into motion.

The investigation successfully infiltrated several criminal organizations and businesses operating around the center. Undercover police officers identified nearly 40 people suspected of criminal activity that ranges from property crimes to crimes of violence. The undercover operation successfully recovered stolen firearms and illegal narcotics including cocaine and marijuana.

Collectively, 143 criminal arrest warrants and 15 search warrants were issued in this undercover operation.

The success of the operation can be attributed to the coordinated effort of several units and agencies:

* Fairfax County Police
o Criminal Intelligence Division
o Organized Crime and Narcotics Division
o Special Weapons and Tactics Team
o Mason, Sully, and Mount Vernon Police District Stations
* Town of Herndon Police Department
* Department of Public Safety Communications
* Fairfax County Code Enforcement Strike Team
* Fairfax County Office of the Sheriff
* City of Alexandria Police Department
* United States Marshals Service
* United States Postal Inspector’s Office
* Northern Virginia Cigarette Tax Board
* Northern Virginia Gang Task Force
* Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control

Friday, May 1, 2009

Virginia is For Gitmo Lovers

We will know more about sex offenders than we will about the Gitmo detainees coming to the US.

In McLean, where you can't throw a rock without hitting a spook, one of the Uyghers will be hosted, while other Jihadis will be sprinkled throughout the NoVa area to ensure everyone gets their mandatory multi-cultural exposure to Islamist aggression.

I am interested to see how their cultural assimilation will go. How will a group that ripped a TV off the wall because an ad featured a woman with exposed arms (not Michelle Obama) deal with sun dresses in Old Town, George Mason University co-eds, and the abundance of female soccer players, northern Virginia swim league, joggers, and outdoor enthusiast...God forbid they were let loose around the beautiful people that comprise Hill staffers.

What can we surmise will occur? How about a CAIR/Leftist combo propaganda extravaganza?, so odds are these guys will be kept on a leash, at least long enough for photo-ops, sob stories, and lawsuits.

I disagree with the puke's analysis in the video, but it documents the story of these innocent criminals...gag.