Monday, November 24, 2008

CAIR Banquet Videos

More videos, especially from inside where CAIR got served to come. In the meantime, my amateur, and blair-witch'ish, reports from the frozen tundra of Crystal City.

CAIR Banquet in Brief, Gone in 60 Seconds

CAIR speakers advocate pacification of America

Long video, face was frozen, hard to get the words out right, bottom line, the will push harder to shape the battlefield to their advantage, the crescent shaped battlefield

CAIR Banquet Guests

If the speakers were not red flags enough, the following tables from the list below should be highlighted: Interests Section of Iran, International Institute of Islamic Thought, Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center, All Dulles Area Muslim Association, and the Embassies of Embassy of Bahrain, Jordan,Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.

Dhimmi Proclamations included in program:
Michael Honda, 15th District, California
Lois Capps-23rd Congressional District, California
Loretta Sanchez, 47th Congressional District, California
Keith Ellison, Congress-only one who did not list his Congressional District
Betty McCollum, 4th Congressional District, Minnesota
Bill Pascrell, Jr., 8th District, New Jersey
Sheila Jackson Lee, 18th Congressional District, Texas
Tom Davis-11th Congressional District, Virginia
Jim Moran, 8th Congressional District, Virginia
Speakers did note with pride that 100,000 muslims in Northern Virginia helped give Obama Va...which is probably true.

Maryland General Assembly, Official Citation in recognition of CAIR, presented by Delegate Saqib Alie, Montgomery County-Legislative District 39

Big advertisment form AREES Institute, 12288 Westheimer Road, Suite 405, Houston TX 77077,


Ahmed Bedier: Master of Ceremnonies
Debbie Almontaser
Nihad Awad
Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Amir of the Muslim Alliance of North America
Congressman Keith Ellison
Entertainment by Azhar Usman of the "Allah made me funny comedy tour"
Slated to speak, but unable due to illness, is in a hospital in Jerusalem, Ambassador Edward L. Peck.

Rosa Parks Civil Rights Scholarship-
Community Service Awareds:
Youth Activism: Humza Kazmi
Community Service: Asma Mirza
Courage Award: Matt Zimmerman

A Muslim Fairfax County Police Officer was also presented with an award.

Supporters listed in program:
Abbas Abutaah
All Dulles Area Muslim Association
Ayoubi Family & AIC Architects
Bridges TV
Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center
Elite Homes; Irfan Totonji
Embassy of Bahrain
Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Embassy of Kuwait
Embassy of Qatar
Embassy of Saudi Arabia
Embassy of United Arab Emirates
Grove Dental; Dr. Maqsood Chaudhry
Interests Section of Iran
International Graphics Printers and Publishers
International Institute of Islamic Thought
Islamic Community Center of Northern Virginia
Islamic Relief
Islamic Society of Annapolis
Islamic Society of Baltimore
Islamic Society of Washington Area
League of Arab States
Manassas Mosque
Masjid Muhammad
Metropolitan Property Management
Mohammed Talbi
Dr. Mubarak Khan
Muslim Association of Virginia
Muslim Community Center
Mustafa Center
Prosperity Systems Inc.
Sterling Management
Tax Master; Noor Ahmad
Tareq & Rumana Abedin
Zafar & Zia Farooqi

Chicken bby: Midamar Halal
Ummrah Ticket: Mafaza Travel & Hajj Agency

Sunday, November 23, 2008

CAIR Sued At Own Banquet Celebrating Lawsuits

The RFDAH report on the 14th CAIR Banquet, Nov. 23, 2008.
Stay tuned will be doing a full show.
More to follow, lots to sift through.

CAIR was served with a lawsuit during the opening remarks. Lawsuit filed by former Muslims CAIR is alleged to have provided legal representation for. First of much video. This one from

CAIR is bolstered by Obama Presidency, its lawsuit against Michael Savage, the Obsession Distro, Stop the Madrassa, and the Third Jihad.

Claims 95% of Muslims voted, 89% for Obama, 2% for McCain.

American Muslims have demonstrated that they can have an impact, and should strive for an even greater impact, specifically in Federal, State, and local elected officials and through public and private education institutions.

Congressman Ellison pointed out that the Local Park Board in his home town in Minn. runs daycare for large amounts of children. He then highlighted the possibility of how a Muslim member of that Park Board could shape those young lives.

Other themes:
Attaching CAIRs struggle to that of the civil rights struggle-MLK, Rosa Parks etc..
Nihad Awad calls for a Department of Peace

More to follow, is 1:30 a.m. and must catch some sleep.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

There Will Be Blood

Can't get The Doors' The End, out of my head. I've said it on my show, on Pat Dollard's, NOVA will drive VA Blue. My loathsome predictions:
11th Congressional District: Connolly
Pres: Obama

Mark Warner will be the next Senator of Va, for a couple of reasons, he was an excellent Gov and he's not a liberal ideologue. For NOVA he delivered a revamped Mixing Bowl (395-95-495 interchange) and the Wilson Bridge project. Am ok with Warner, just hate to see him as part of a Dem ticket.

Win or lose, their will be violence, it will be committed by the Left, as we've seen time and again, it is their primary form for discourse. Life will be very different for the next 12-20 years if Obama wins and we have a filibuster proof Congress. Buy your guns now, it won't belong before their redistributed into ploughshares