Saturday, January 3, 2009

UAC and ACT hold rally at Israeli Embassy in US

In the early afternoon of January 3, 2009, ACT for America and the United American Committee held a pro-Israel rally in Washington, DC. The group held signs of support for Israel and calling attention to the atrocities of Hamas. The civic action was notably absent the violence and havoc Palestinian and Hamas Jihadis and useful idiots have wrought across this country. Supporters stood in front of the Israeli Embassy in DC in the same location, where less than 24 hours earlier, a member of the Palestinian support mob demonstrated their definition of peace by launching an unprovoked attack on a lone Jewish man. ACT and UAC members received numerous honks of support by passing motorists and members of the community.

The peaceful rally also uncovered information about the protestors from the day before. The trash from their January 2, 2009 protest remained littering the street and it contains the following nuggets:

The National Association of Moslem American Women is organizing an event for Jan. 9, 09 in DC-Noon: Gather at LaFayette Square 1-2 p.m. March to Upper Senate Park 2-4 p.m. Jummah Salat, Rally for Gaza!

The US Campaign To End the Israeli Occupation feels comfortable using Obama’s campaign art.

The United Palestinian Appeal was fundraising.

A Marxist youth group was their to support

Other thoughts:
Where is the organized response of the Jewish diaspora?
Lesson learned from the implosion of the Republican strategy since 2006, if you remain silent, the other side gets a free shot at your seemingly secure supporters, and you end up losing.

Futile question: Where is the media analysis of these Hamas loving mobs, but that presumes they are aware of or care about the Muslim Brotherhood who is organizing all of this, it has a distinct Cartoon Jihad vintage to it.

Viva Atlas, Viva Dollard, Viva The Gathering Storm Report
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