Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama Will Perfect Constitution Save Us from Perils of Freedom

Obama speech in Philly: Constitution was imperfect, we can, we will perfect it.
Holy S. 1) Who decides what is perfect? 2) Has worked pretty good so far. Up until now, the Gov didn't own banks, didn't own car factories, didn't own you...guess we understand Obama's vision of perfect since our current slide into a socialist oligarchy isn't going far enough for BHO and the Dems. Obamas plan so far:
1)Destroy capitalism-spend to the point of collapse, nationalize private banks
2)Own the streets-transform campaign machine into private army loyal to nothing but dear leader
3)Disarm the public-consequences here, remember BHO said, don't worry, trust him on guns
4)Fix pesky problems with the Constitution, like freedoms, term limits, and check and balances

Counter revolutionary sentiment is growing, but will it be enough. Blood in the streets in under a decade if this keeps up.

Please compare the following videos, decide which has more truth.

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