Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama Wants Your Children

The socialist revolution wants your children. The next step in the revolution towards the tyranny of Hope and Change.
A continuation of an earlier post: Divorce children from history and principals to follow a cult of personality.

Here's the post on the beta version Public Allies

Here's what the optimal outcome is: Alpha Omega Obama...Obama is the savior (hat tip Pat Dollard), Obama is the soul Founding Father of a New guns, lots and lots of guns, don't skimp on the ammo either, pray we win the political war before the O-bots get armed and active.

See last 15 seconds for punch line:

This youth movement easily translated into Obamas desired paramilitary force loyal to him alone, above the DNC, above country, only to their God-King Obama.

He got away with during the election middle of this video: "Obama Truth Squad"

Gratuitous: Socialism loves kids

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