Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fairfax Summer Reading List: Dawa and Global Fooling

Fairfax County Public Schools 6th grade reading list includes how to build a mosque and a biography of muslim-in-chief Obama.

Also of special note for grades 7&8, especially because the debate on global warming is over and anyone who objects to sloppy science should be burned at the stake as a witch:

Gore, Albert. AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH: THE CRISIS OF GLOBAL WARMING. Gore examines the climate crisis of the planet, describes what world governments are doing, and offers reasons for serious consideration of the problems. (NF) (Yes, that means non-fiction)

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Always On Watch said...

Great to see you posting again!

I tell you this about the public education system: it is dangerous to young minds. In our public system, we find the whitewash of Islam and the promotion of leftism.

Parents, get out there and raise hell!