Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fairfax County Muslim Arrested For Threatening Obama

FAIRFAX, Va. - A Fairfax County man is under arrest after being accused of threatening to "blow the brains out" of President Obama. Police are taking the email threat very seriously.

The Fairfax patent lawyer is charged with threatening to kill the president on, but neighbors suspect there were previous threats. His next door neighbor found a law enforcement agent hiding behind a tree in his front yard just after the February blizzard appearing to monitor the home of the alleged would be assassin.

As Laurel Ridge Elementary School was letting out Friday, parents were shocked to discover that the neighbor who lives in a house on Commonwealth Boulevard is now in prison and accused of threatening to kill President Obama. ABC 7 Talkback:

We asked neighbor Jennifer Baitinger if the news was trouble to her, given his house and proximity to the school. She replied, "Oh yes, definitely. It's a little disturbing."

Mary Walker sits on the board of the neighborhood association.

She said about the neighborhood, "Kings Park West is a great neighborhood. We've got families with young children. We've got singles. We've got lots of senior citizens who are like grandparents to everybody."

In court papers, the government charges Adam Albrett, also known as Muhannad Almahmoudi, sent an email May 14 threatening to "blow the brains out of President Obama unless he vacates the White House."

The arrest warrant accuses Albrett of "threats against the president and successors to the presidency," which would be White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Albrett also threatened to kill Emanuel.

Neighbors say 45-year-old Albrett is a patent attorney of Middle Eastern descent who grew up here. His sister, who is a dentist, and two brothers, an engineer and a doctor, attended Laurel Ridge Elementary School.

Neighbors say that Albrett and his family all have been friendly during their years on Commonwealth Boulevard. His mother often exchanged cookies and food at the holidays.

Albrett waits in prison for his next court appearance on June 1.

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