Thursday, December 4, 2008

Show Update

Big show this Saturday. Time 2-3 p.m.
Grab some eggnog and cozy up to these sugar plum fairies:
Inside the Mumbai. Report from the Counterterrorismblog panel discussion in DC.
The Mattel Dawa Doll (
CAIR Banquet and Legal Troubles
Holy Land Foundation Victory
SCOTUS vs. POTUS-elect: Show me the birth certificate...maybe.

If there's anytime left, will discuss use of US soft power vs. hard power, and some changes that may come in the coming administration.

Extra bonus, if we get to discuss the Pentagon's civil brigades vs Obama's proposed national a gun or two for everyone you know, nothing helps you settle in for a long winters nap like the blanket of security a .45 provides.

1 comment:

Always On Watch said...

You're back?

I'm not sure that I can tune in live. Bummer. But maybe I can; if so, I'll phone in if you hit on a topic I can add to.