Saturday, December 13, 2008

RFDAH Late Show Recap

For as much as I fear running out of material, and I do, another hour flew by.

The show in short:
Mumbai Update: RFDAH theory, the captured Jihadi had been prepared for the possibility of capture and interrogation, and the "masterminds arrested" were patsies. The names given up by the arrested attacker were planned fallguys. Either the LET arrested in Paki raids knew in advance and had deals worked out with ISI for house arrest etc., or were being double crossed. Either way, I highly doubt that a team that planned such a successful attack would be so careless as to allow for the real masterminds to be caught so easily.

Dawa Doll:
Aqsa Parvez: Canadian honor killing victim has unnamed grave. Donate for a tombstone to mark her existence and importance as a human trying to live free.

Holy Land Foundation Trial/Boim Case
: Score 1 for the good guys. Judge rules giving to soft jihad same as hard jihad and Shariah compliant=terrorist compliant.

CAIR Served

Lawsuit explained

Key point: CAIR's charter with DC had lapsed during this same fundraiser, so technically, the hundreds of thousands they raised is illegal and should be given back.

George Mason Takes It from IIIT. See previous post on my site.

Lots more to come. Hope to have a show back to its regular schedule in the New Year.

Now, get out there and fight.