Tuesday, November 4, 2008

There Will Be Blood

Can't get The Doors' The End, out of my head. I've said it on my show, on Pat Dollard's, NOVA will drive VA Blue. My loathsome predictions:
11th Congressional District: Connolly
Pres: Obama

Mark Warner will be the next Senator of Va, for a couple of reasons, he was an excellent Gov and he's not a liberal ideologue. For NOVA he delivered a revamped Mixing Bowl (395-95-495 interchange) and the Wilson Bridge project. Am ok with Warner, just hate to see him as part of a Dem ticket.

Win or lose, their will be violence, it will be committed by the Left, as we've seen time and again, it is their primary form for discourse. Life will be very different for the next 12-20 years if Obama wins and we have a filibuster proof Congress. Buy your guns now, it won't belong before their redistributed into ploughshares

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