Sunday, November 23, 2008

CAIR Sued At Own Banquet Celebrating Lawsuits

The RFDAH report on the 14th CAIR Banquet, Nov. 23, 2008.
Stay tuned will be doing a full show.
More to follow, lots to sift through.

CAIR was served with a lawsuit during the opening remarks. Lawsuit filed by former Muslims CAIR is alleged to have provided legal representation for. First of much video. This one from

CAIR is bolstered by Obama Presidency, its lawsuit against Michael Savage, the Obsession Distro, Stop the Madrassa, and the Third Jihad.

Claims 95% of Muslims voted, 89% for Obama, 2% for McCain.

American Muslims have demonstrated that they can have an impact, and should strive for an even greater impact, specifically in Federal, State, and local elected officials and through public and private education institutions.

Congressman Ellison pointed out that the Local Park Board in his home town in Minn. runs daycare for large amounts of children. He then highlighted the possibility of how a Muslim member of that Park Board could shape those young lives.

Other themes:
Attaching CAIRs struggle to that of the civil rights struggle-MLK, Rosa Parks etc..
Nihad Awad calls for a Department of Peace

More to follow, is 1:30 a.m. and must catch some sleep.

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KarenO said...

Associating Islam with civil rights?? They go together about as well as Rosa Parks and NAMBLA!