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Kiss Me I'm a Jihadi

Kiss Me I'm a Jihadi

Found this article that draws a great comparison between St. Patrick's Day and Muslim Day...bottom line, St. Patrick's Day, hugely popular because the Irish bring cheer at the bar, Muslim Day brings shouts of Allah Ahkbar. You'll never see anyone wearing a Kiss Me I'm a Jihadi button.

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New Yorkers Do Not Support Muslim Day Parade
September 11, 2007
by John Cosgrove

In stark contrast to other annual parades, the streets were virtually empty of any spectators for the Muslim Day Parade. New York City typically hosts tens of thousands for popular parades and celebrations such as St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, and New Years Eve. However, on September 9th, only a handful of Islamist enthusiasts rallied for an event supported by un-indicted terrorist co-conspirators and lead by parade marshals on record supporting the destruction of America and denying Muslims committed 9-11-01.

Apparently, New York City residents were not excited to rally in massive support of the ideas displayed along the parade route. Parade participants on the other hand fully approved. Though parade groups eagerly quarreled with protesters, they did not feel the need to correct the Islamic Thinkers Society’s poster supporting the destruction of states constructed under the rule of law, such as the U.S.

Given the notable absence of denizens, it can be surmised that a majority of New Yorkers do not believe “the holocaust is a hoax” and aren’t interested in the informative books available on the topic of “Jihad in Islam.” Perhaps the book’s cover featuring a raised fist holding an AK-47 was found distasteful among residents who still have a large crater in their city courtesy of a group of Jihadists.

The populace, still recovering from a love tap from the Religion of Peace, did not line streets. New York women did not line up for the information being handed out by a presumed woman, completely covered from head to toe. Local Jews did not line up to support the man advocating the banning of the Talmud. Nor did local elected officials apprise themselves on available advice to adjust city government into “the structure of the Khilafah Islamic State.”

In fact, though several hundred were in attendance as part of the parade, a majority of people along the parade route were Jews and Kafir/Infidels/non-muslims who stood in defiant resistance to Islamists.

As the parade goers passed United American Committee members, their expressions changed very quickly. Obviously, between those with divergent views, differences are expected. However, the parade goers seemed to take enormous exception to the following UAC statements:

  • We will not submit
  • We will not submit to Islamic Law
  • We will not submit to Islamic intimidation
  • Shut down Jamaat Al-Fuqra in New York, in Virginia, and in Oregon.

Signs stating Islamic history, such as, Mohammad consummated his marriage to his 9 year wife Aisha, also drew negative reaction.

Of the groups in attendance, including UAC and Joe Kaufmann, only those in defiance of the Islamist agenda were scorned by parade members. Meanwhile, Holocaust denial, Sharia law, and Jihad were not only ignored, but openly supported by the parade. Perhaps this explains why for St. Patrick’s Day parade, everyone wants to be Irish, but for the Muslim Day Parade, nobody wants to be an Islamist.

Photos blatantly acquired from Atlas Shrugs and the United American Committee.

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