Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Secure the border, and I'll go home."

The underlying theme behind much of the conservative American frustration with their government is its dereliction of enumerated duties and intrusions into other unauthorized areas. Our government can mandate free men to have health insurance through a perversion of the interstate commerce clause but claims impotency to secure the border which the Constitution expressly states it will do.

Well folks, this is America, and those Americans left, well, they get the job done. These relics of US ascendancy remain an industrious people who surmount challenges to prosper. These Americans remain the bulwark against the passive failures of seductive excuses. In other words, if you won't do it, I will.

When it comes to border security, like many other issues, we expect the border to be secured. That's what borders are for, securing. It is neither optional, nor rational, to force an inanimate object to do something it cannot. You cannot wishfully think a rock into water, nor a border secure. This would be a completely different conversation if we renounced our borders and declared them merely to be gateways, thresholds, or scenic overlooks. So if it must be done, and the government won't do it, well then, the US citizen, which extends authority to the government, will. This article highlights this frustration. An citizen patrolling the border says:

"If they don't like the way I'm doing it, if they don't like me as a person doing it, if they don't like the groups that are coming out, good," Ready said. "Then let's change it. Let's secure the border, and I'll go home."

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