Friday, May 1, 2009

Virginia is For Gitmo Lovers

We will know more about sex offenders than we will about the Gitmo detainees coming to the US.

In McLean, where you can't throw a rock without hitting a spook, one of the Uyghers will be hosted, while other Jihadis will be sprinkled throughout the NoVa area to ensure everyone gets their mandatory multi-cultural exposure to Islamist aggression.

I am interested to see how their cultural assimilation will go. How will a group that ripped a TV off the wall because an ad featured a woman with exposed arms (not Michelle Obama) deal with sun dresses in Old Town, George Mason University co-eds, and the abundance of female soccer players, northern Virginia swim league, joggers, and outdoor enthusiast...God forbid they were let loose around the beautiful people that comprise Hill staffers.

What can we surmise will occur? How about a CAIR/Leftist combo propaganda extravaganza?, so odds are these guys will be kept on a leash, at least long enough for photo-ops, sob stories, and lawsuits.

I disagree with the puke's analysis in the video, but it documents the story of these innocent criminals...gag.

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