Thursday, April 16, 2009

Great Prenteder Encourages Destruction of America, Dissolution of the Union

Bottom line, Obama is weak and everyone is taking a piece.
He is weak because he has no core principals of value.
The American Nation was founded on Judeo Christian principals, so when you are the President of that nation and choose to cover up grande nino Jesus, people know you are against the America of our Founders.

Then your security apparatus identifies its combat veterans as security threats, while permitting the Muslim Brotherhood to flourish.

Junky savages with small arms are tieing up millions of dollars of military attention and threaten to kill US citizens wherever they are found, and you offer a grand plan to do everything other than the one thing they will actually respect, a definite military strike.

Obama then decides that our enemies can in fact outlast America and announces its time to talk with Cuba.

No wonder he's not getting respect from other world leaders and why States Rights and secession is back on the table as serious option, and rightly so.

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