Thursday, March 12, 2009

SITREP USSA-Patriots Respond

So how is the New World Order going? How about a single world currency while we're at it?

Only Congress, Obama, and EU politicians aren't tired of it, but the rest of us are:

"Anger rises in Germany as the economy falls. Trade unions and globalization-critical protesters are planning demonstrations in Berlin and Frankfurt under the banner: "We're not paying for your crisis." Alexis Passadakis, 31, an activist from the group Attac, tells SPIEGEL what's wrong with the system."

But hey, these are just "fits and starts"...time to party:
Since the presidency changed hands less than six weeks ago, a burst of entertaining has taken hold of the iconic, white-columned home of America's head of state. Much of it comes on Wednesdays.

Except for those parties that are traditions, much like throwing out Churchill's bust, pissing on the Brits, messing up the Oath, and throwing out Hail to the Chief.

Party time, socialism is coming in, and the rich can pay for it right...wrong:

The bottom line is that Mr. Obama is selling the country on a 2% illusion. Unwinding the U.S. commitment in Iraq and allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire can't possibly pay for his agenda. Taxes on the not-so-rich will need to rise as well.

And if we can't them here, we'll get them over there, look the evil corporate boogeyman:
President Barack Obama's Treasury secretary says the administration will unveil a series of rules and measures in the coming months to limit the ability of international companies to avoid U.S. taxes.

Afterall, someone has to pay for universal healthcare, and we are in the marijuana (gateway drug) phase of it: Driving private sector out and introducing an economically unsustainable replacement:
U.S. President Barack Obama has been vague about details of his healthcare reform efforts, but he provided a hint on Monday of one direction he could take -- community health centers.

This of course, is crazy enough, but predictable enough that even a lunatic could see it coming, and see how government agencies will be used to reinforce it by tracking you (Enhanced ID worse than Real ID), indoctrinating your kids, and taking your guns. (Because Mexico's violence is our fault, we should disarm) Afterall, Mexican drug cartels can make Forbes list, but can only get guns from careless Americans blindly selling to cartel muscle.)

Bottomline, while the left is organizing to move even faster, Patriots are coming out the woodwork, disorganized as it may be. Introducting Pat Dollard's ACTIVE, Glenn Beck "We Surround Them" rally Mar. 13, and Chuck Norris's efforts, and belated happy birthday to Chuck. Why you may ask, or have the need to explain to the sheep, well this Marine says it exactly:

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