Monday, July 28, 2008

Excerpt: The Crescent Battlefield

An excerpt of something I'm working on.


Since its inception 1400 years ago, Islam has waged a war for global domination that has left over 250 million dead, an amount equivalent to the entire American population during the 1990s. No major reformations have occurred within Islam to remove the divinely sanctioned obligations to subjugate the entirety of the non-muslim world. A thorough examination of the Islam’s source documents, historical legacy, and the seminal works of modern Islamic scholars reveals that the religion has no other principal objective than to follow Mohammed’s blood stained path to a jihad fulfilled. However, without a standing army capable of a physical global conquest, modern Islam wages its war via alternate means. They have examined their enemies’ weaknesses, shaped the battlefield accordingly, and enjoyed sustained campaign success. Their success is predominately owed to their prey’s fundamental failure to recognize that a war is even being fought. Modern Islam excels in the adroit implementation of Mohammed’s maxim, “war is deceit.”

The Crescent Battlefield
Defining how Islam has shaped the battlefield in its favor and therefore the areas that must be directly countered.

• First War of the Information Age
• Out-using the everything the U.S. invented and/or perfected
o The Internet
o TV
o Film
• Useful Idiots
• Exploiting Multi-culturalism
• Over-coming the “angry white man”

• Political
• Policy
• Security
o Law Enforcement
o Defense

Judicial Jihad
• Lawfare
o Intimidating John Doe
o Intimidating the Government
o Intimidating Businesses
• Legislative
o Trying to Stack the Deck

Financial Jihad
• Sharia Financing
o About
o Strings Attached
o Spiritual Cleansing-Charities of Doom
 Financing Spread of Hate
 Financing Terror Support Structure
• Martyr Family Reward
• Hospitals for mujahdeen
• R&R for mujahdeen
• Economic Manipulation

Educational Jihad
• Continuing Indoctrination
• Corroding to Confuse

Demographics: The Womb as A Weapon
• For Exploitation of Democracy
• Stairway to Heaven
• As a Bomb Factory

• For Intimidation
• For Blood Debts
• As a Recruiting Tool
• As a Liability

• Everyone is a combatant
• The war is everywhere yet hidden in plain sight
• Current military strategies cannot abate the threat
• Enemy has excellent morale, funding, staffing, momentum, and surprise
• Terrorist must consider use of nuclear weapons will trigger Western reaction that could result in unrecoverable losses for Dar al Islam, though this may not deter their use

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