Monday, June 2, 2008

Muslim Woman Has Male Removed From Seat

Welcome to Air Dhimmi. There are two sections to this plane, kufr dogs, please stay in your section, and don't expect service as we are too busy groveling.

This just in...Memo: To: KLM, From: Dane's Pakistan Embassy, Theo Van Gogh, Geert Wilders: Appeasing muslims won't stop Jihadi's from bombing your embassies, killing your film-makers, and threatening members of your Parliament.
(ANSAmed) - ANKARA, MAY 28 - A crisis broke out when a Dutch man seated next to a headscarf-wearing Turkish woman on an airplane was removed from his seat, Turkish news channel NTV reported yesterday. The crisis occurred aboard a Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) plane flying from the Dutch capital Amsterdam to Istanbul. After takeoff, the woman asked that the man seated next to her be moved to another seat, arguing that it would be a sin under Islam for her to be sitting next to a man who is not her relative. As a result, the man, Lex van Drooge, who is a member of the Amsterdam Municipal Council for the Dutch governing party, the Christian Democratic Appeal, or CDA, was removed from the seat. Upon landing, van Drooge complained about the situation. In a statement to the press, van Drooge said the airline did not seem to know how to deal with this kind of situation. The headline about the incident in the Dutch press read, "KLM submitted to Islam." The airline company has started an investigation into the behavior of the cabin crew and issued a statement about the incident. The statement said such a practice is unacceptable, adding that the reason the male passenger was removed from his seat instead of the female passenger remains unclear.